How to Make the Most of Valentine’s Day as a Single

Every day in February is normal, except the one that reads Fourteenth. The sky seems to be painted red, the earth tiled in petals and the only thing we get to smell is Love, and of course, we cherish all of that. What we are however puzzled about is what happens to those of us who have either not shoot our shot or have shot wrongly or who no shot has reached at all, by Valentine’s Day?

The word Love has its origin in the German word “leubh” which translates to the term Agape Love, which means to care for another sacrificially without any specificity to romantic love. Although the word Love explains a term or concept, which makes it a noun, “to love someone” is absolutely an action word that can be expressed by anyone no matter their relationship status.

To break the stereotype and not pause the breath of those who are single on Valentine’s Day, let’s consider how we can maximize the day even while we are single.

Have you ever considered why Valentine’s Day is not declared a public holiday? It means life goes on! It also means that if anything special will happen on that day, you are the one to make it happen.

Be deliberate about expressing love and not necessarily receiving gifts.

For a single individual, receiving gifts might be the last on the list or not on the list at all. However, you can still receive the gift of a good and merry heart by doing things that matter for people that matter and those you admire in your life. You could send an appreciation text in the morning, telling them how much they mean to you and how you cherish them. Or you could simply say it via telephone calls or to their faces if you can.

The point is to not keep any love unexpressed as that is equal to no love at all.

Help Others

You could also go the extra mile to help the people in your life get along with their own Val plans for their partners and see how much they would tickle at your assistance. Lend out your surprise planning expertise for free, help with some shopping to make it less rigorous and things like that, to show you not only appreciate them but also respect their relationship and desire such. All these do not equally stop gift items as a way of expressing love.

Ideas are limitless if truly we are deliberate about enjoying our Valentine’s Day and not feel gloomy about the fact that we are single.

Let me share a quick tip before I proceed to the next idea.

A night before Valentine’s Day, spend time ruminating on how lovely you have been since the last Valentine, the love and favours people have showered on you and how you can reciprocate it on this special day. You would be amazed at the number of ideas you would pen down and many more you would wake up with the following day.


Gather a group of friends who are single and like-minded, organize a picnic and raise funds to make it merry. You will end up having and a long time of gisting and sharing experiences about your singlehood, challenges and tips that could help you.

The set-up of collectivism could vary as desired and agreed upon by the collected individuals.

A hangout organized by me in February 2019.

As we move on every day, we should bear an idea of what we will want to be the next day. I would suggest every single should have a reflective moment on Val’s Day and make a note of what they want their relationship status to be by this time next year. Perhaps it’s about time for a relationship? Or not yet? You can spare some time to read on Before You Say Hello to a Relationship.

You can also note specific roles and actions you need to take to be where you want to be.

Singlehood is a beautiful period and it shouldn’t be spent wishing you were engaged or married. If not, you will miss the joy on both sides.

With this said, I wish you a beautiful Valentine all the years of your life.

Yours dearly,

Do you already have an idea on how to create your own type of Val?


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