Before You Say Hello to a Relationship

Relationship is a connection. The condition of being related, it could be a romantic involvement.

romantic involvement is an intimate relationship between 2 people.

Intimacy on the other hand is a feeling or atmosphere of closeness and openness towards someone else, not necessarily involving sexuality.

Relationship can have different meanings and can be seen differently. There is the relationship that exists between members of a family, the relationship that exists between friends, one that exists between colleagues and even neighbors. As well as a romantic  relationship. However, in this context, we are dealing with Romantic relationship, that is, the condition of being related to a person in a romantic way.

Taking note of the definition of Intimacy, it necessarily do not have to do with sexuality. It is not uncommon for Jude’s mind to immediately think of the involvement of sexual activities if Sarah told him she was in a romantic relationship with John. When in true sense, intimacy is majorly closeness, open and being totally comfortable with someone else. And in creating room for such closeness, one does not expect it to happen spontaneously. It is a process that demands some time.

A lot of adolescents are either in a romantic relationship, just left one, and or planning going into one. 

Relationships are not walked into, they are built. You don’t wake on a beautiful morning, see a pretty young girl or prince charming and begin to nurse the idea of starting a relationship with him/her.

Abuse in relationships will be inevitable when its true purposes are not known. A lot of us walk into relationships before we understand why we started them in the first place, and in the end, we realize that we do not even have businesses there to begin with. Then we hurt ourselves or our partners. The pain from hurting someone is sometimes worse than the pain from getting hurt.

Whether it be a sexual relationship or not, it shouldn’t be rushed into because;

1. You Need Time To Ascertain If It’s Really Love Or Just Lust

Lust is most times confused with love because they both have similarities. Lust can burn and has the ability to burn for as long as 9 months or even a year. It even feels stronger than love initially, like a very bright firework that Burns out soon, while love grows. If lust is mistaken for love, one may end up feeling hurt, disappointed and having to deal with the hurt of hurting one’s partner.

2. You Might Just Be Lonely

One way to find out if it’s loneliness is to ask yourself if you’re really interested in spending time to know this person or you are just trying to ease yourself from the feeling of loneliness. You might perhaps be using this person to fill a void left by your previous relate. Be sure that you are not battling with loneliness at the same time you feel you need this relationship.

3. You Might Just Need Someone To Love You

Are you sure it’s not self-love-deficit? You probably need someone to make you feel loved? How much do you love you? How good are you in being your best company? How do you even feel about yourself? Does the opinion of others tell so much on you? Do you always react in an emotional way to the opinion of others? Be sure you can do without the validation of that person.

4. Social Pressure Might Be The Challenge

Are you badly in need of a relationship because your close friends are into one? Do you feel left out? If this is one of the reasons you think you need that relationship, you really need to slow down and think for a while. If I decide to build this relationship based on the fact that my friends are in one, how will it make me feel?

Please note that the fact that it worked for them doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work for you in the exact same way. Be sure that you do not have the feeling of being left out, like you are missing out on something.

It’s not all rosy like it seem on the outside, relationships are in fact hard work. You work with patience to understand this person sincerely, you work with patience to tolerate the behaviours of this person, you work to see it scaling smoothly.

Please, see to it that you do not have challenges with either of the above. Also, be patient enough to understand if this is just lust.


When you eventually build your beautiful relationship, be sure not to burn bridges. There are a lot of folks out there who let go of friends and families because of this one person. Please note that these people had your back before the arrival of Prince Charming and Beauty.

Above all, if you believe in God, allow Jesus be the center of your relationship.

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