What Does the Future Hold?

The future is one thing we all can’t boldly explain what’s in it. What we would rather say is that “whatever would be would be”. Sometimes, we get scared when we think about the future, not because we aren’t doing the right thing but because we can’t just help the fear that comes whenever the thought crosses our minds.

You think of all you are investing now to make the future what you have dreamt of. The sacrifices, pains, and pleasures we forgo and in a moment, it all does not make sense any longer. You imagine it all going down the drain and you feel discouraged and frustrated. You look at the result you are getting and you feel like quitting.

Dear teen,

The future is just like the pregnancy a woman carries for nine months or more. She does not know for sure if what she’s carrying is a male, female, twin, triplet or more, except through a scan. But she’s excited knowing something is growing inside her.

You are uncertain about what the future’s going to be but you should be excited knowing it holds something in it. You aren’t sure if it’s the biggest thing the world has ever seen or it would be the solution to the cries to billions. That the reason why you have to keep hope alive and been consistent. You can’t just give up.

A pregnant woman can’t, because of her excitement, decide to carry her child when she’s still five months pregnant; she has to wait patiently for nine months. What the future brings would be the product of your patience and perseverance.

Right now, you are pregnant with your goals, dreams and visions. All you have to do is focus on nurturing that dream to produce results.

You don’t have to leave your future in the hands of fate and coincidence, but rather put it in the hands of God. Trust Him for guidance and directions in all you find yourself doing.

Don’t live everyday to what luck might bring, rather input luck into everyday through handwork. It does not really matter the results you are getting now, what matters is the steps you are taking now.

A tiny drop of water is what resulted into the oceans and seas . Likewise, the baby steps you’re making now will result into big footprints. It’s just a matter of time.

Don’t be too scared to make things happen. Remember it’s your future, not that of your spectators and when you feel like quitting, think about why you started.
Smile always.

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