How to Become God’s friend

How nice would it be if we become friends with God? Just imagine the depth, you and God as friends. Yes, you can become God’s friend, He can be your best pal who you freely tell your worries, share your pain with and seek advice from before making decisions. … More How to Become God’s friend


Is the Love Lost in Lust?

You want to know if you really love that person or if you are just lusting; please look deep and check if God is present in that feeling. Ask yourself if you feel peace thinking about that person with God in mind, if you are confident to talk to God about that person, and if God is smiling as you tell that person “I love you”, ask yourself if God would be happy seeing you go into a relationship with that person. … More Is the Love Lost in Lust?

Signs You Are Not Ready for a Relationship

Wanting a relationship is not as important as being ready for one. Often times, we find ourselves focusing on our expectations from prospective partners, their looks, how the relationship would be and all that. We fail to look internally and tell if really we are ready enough to handle one. 

A lot of people spend their time trying to get into and stay in a relationship that ordinarily they have no business being near. 

Being in a healthy relationship is great and exhilarating, but a relationship is not that missing puzzle we need to complete our lives.  … More Signs You Are Not Ready for a Relationship

How to Deal With a Parent That Is Not Always There 

Now, you are 16years old. That’s all you can recollect about your parents. Your father stopped coming home everyday and became the nightmare your mother had always cried about. A man who never cares for his family. Today, you flash back on how your mother had tried to get the best for you and Fola. You deferred your admission because that was the best thing to do. … More How to Deal With a Parent That Is Not Always There