Importance of Purposeful Relationships

No man is an island of knowledge. We all become greater and more competent by the reason of our interactions with others. We all need a relationship with God, colleagues at work, classmates, neighbours, church members and other categories of people we may come across. … More Importance of Purposeful Relationships

Differences Between Real Friends and Just Friends

, Real friends are people who genuinely stand by and support a person while Just friends are people who are identified as friends with no string attached. Just friends do not necessarily mean fake friends, it simply explains that they play no important role. … More Differences Between Real Friends and Just Friends

Do you Really Know the Essence of Valentine?

Valentine’s day special Love is being celebrated around the globe today. 🤗🤗🤗 Take a little moment to ponder on what valentine’s day really mean to you. Lack of meaning or wrong definition makes inevitable actions to be initiated and happenings to take place. Remember, when the usefulness of a thing is not known, abuse is … More Do you Really Know the Essence of Valentine?

Beauty of Love

There’s really nothing like it, something that can make you feel so strong but also so vulnerable. You can feel on top of the world or you can feel like someone is literally ripping your heart out; there’s nothing as powerful. It can help you achieve greatness and it can also cause you to lose everything.
That’s what love does, it is something that fills you up. … More Beauty of Love