Honour Your Father

Yesterday was Father’s Day celebration, and I realized what it means to honour a father; what it means to make your father proud. I have once written about my dad, I mentioned that he was not the man I thought he was. He wanted the best for me and did his best to make me … More Honour Your Father

Sanitize Your Friendship Circle

Do you know that your friends go a long way in influencing your spiritual life? There are certain friends you would chat with and because of the nature of what they say, you would be forced to either excuse yourself, or say things you are not supposed to say and later ask God for forgiveness. … More Sanitize Your Friendship Circle

Before You Say Hello to a Relationship

Relationships are not walked into, they are built. You don’t wake on a beautiful morning, see a pretty young girl or prince charming and begin to nurse the idea of starting a relationship with him/her.

Abuse in relationships will be inevitable when its true purposes are not known. A lot of us walk into relationships before we understand why we started them in the first place, … More Before You Say Hello to a Relationship