How to be Intentional About Change

Everything that you do amounts to something much more, all you have to do is to be intentional about the change. You can stop lying, stop procrastinating and so on if you are intentional about the change that you are about to make. Change is never comfortable. In fact, it is one of the most tedious things to do. … More How to be Intentional About Change

How to Stay On the GO

Whatever interests you, you need to continuously find how you can improve in that area. Read books that will help you stay on track, watch movies that will give you great ideas, stay enlightened, stay your best at every point in time, little effort amount to something much. … More How to Stay On the GO

How to Be God’s Friend

The first thing that you need to be working on is to get your heart in tune with God. You need to think like Him and you cannot do that except you both begin to rub minds together. You can’t be friends with someone who does not like the same thing as you do. In fact, before you can say this particular person is your friend, then there must be something that they do that got you attracted to them. … More How to Be God’s Friend

How Would Jesus Party?

I was called uptight, too holy and my general nickname- Jesus girl. On weekends, they partied. I couldn’t attend because there was no excuse I could give at home and also because they went to lounge and bars where alcohol was. I couldn’t go there. I didn’t belong there.

It is not a crime to Party, but always have this at the back of your mind: How would Jesus Party? … More How Would Jesus Party?