How to Be God’s Friend

The first thing that you need to be working on is to get your heart in tune with God. You need to think like Him and you cannot do that except you both begin to rub minds together. You can’t be friends with someone who does not like the same thing as you do. In fact, before you can say this particular person is your friend, then there must be something that they do that got you attracted to them. … More How to Be God’s Friend


A Relationship with God First

If you do not have a relationship with God, you will continue to live your life guessing. “Should I do this or can I try that?” will be the outcome of a life that doesn’t hear from God. God won’t come to your ears shouting and speaking like a tornado, He comes through in a way that you can only understand if you maintain a relationship with him. … More A Relationship with God First

How Would Jesus Party?

I was called uptight, too holy and my general nickname- Jesus girl. On weekends, they partied. I couldn’t attend because there was no excuse I could give at home and also because they went to lounge and bars where alcohol was. I couldn’t go there. I didn’t belong there.

It is not a crime to Party, but always have this at the back of your mind: How would Jesus Party? … More How Would Jesus Party?

Love is not all there is to Life

Love is beautiful, but that is not where your happiness should come from. Your happiness should come from you discovering your place in Christ. If you know that your relationship is not reflecting Jesus in any form, then you are merely walking. If your relationship is based on compromises, then you are still sleeping. The best decision you can give your partner is to call it quit when you both keep dragging each other down.  
The truth is, love is not all you have to feel. You need to grow first, as you cannot keep offering empty insight in the relationship.  … More Love is not all there is to Life

You Can Overcome Your Fears and Challenges. Yes, You Can!

Every successful person talks about defeating one big ball that was rolled towards them. In fact, I think as human, one must live to overcome. So what is fear? Fear is allowing a statement like “you are never going to be good enough“ slide into your thought and heart, to obstruct everything good coming your … More You Can Overcome Your Fears and Challenges. Yes, You Can!

The Future

Unknown, yet it holds so many fates. It carries power like a god. It forms to the shape you want it, depending on your vision. The future only becomes a god when you allow it determine your path, Or you can become its god, if you realize that it is yours to control and nobody’s. … More The Future