How to be Intentional About Change

In Economics, you are made to see change as something less important, at least that was how I was made to understand it from my own perspective. y = a + bx. I was made to understand the importance of having a constant variable and teachers went on and on, trying to explain the significant difference between fixed variable and variables that aren’t fixed, so to say change. In a mathematical world, we further saw the true meaning of variables that change and how it wholeheartedly contributes to variables that does not. This will bring me to life itself.

There are some constant factors we need in our lives – a good house, education, food, clothes smartphones, name it, but these constant factors have always moved the thoughts of change. People want better things, want to do better things, want to improve on their education, wants to get a new house, eat better food or change their device to something in vogue. All these are the natural instinct of change, safe to say- the basic kind of change, the kind people make without having to try too hard. People make these changes without trying too much but there are changes that people should make and they find it hard to.

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Let’s focus on bad habit. People know that they should quit smoking but they can’t, due to the years of indulging in the practice.

Some Secondary graduates find change as something they will never try given the comfort of who they are now and what they have. For them, that is always going to be enough. I must indulge you in knowing that change is never comfortable. In fact, it is one of the most tedious things to do. People would prefer to do something that they are more familiar with than to do something which will eventually elevate them.

Change is standing up from that old chair you have in your living room and saying to yourself I need to get a new one regardless of the sentiments attached to that one. Change is more mathematical and less economical. Change is a biological effect to avoid stunt growth, change is necessary.

Change is never comfortable. In fact, it is one of the most tedious things to do.

If you perform poorly in school, all it takes is for you to be more intentional about the things that you do that yielded that result. Change is about you studying your pattern and discovering what works best for you. You notice you keep failing school exams because you always get tired at night, start to study your school pattern and find free time to study when you can.

Everything that you do amounts to something much more, all you have to do is to be intentional about the change. You can stop lying, stop procrastinating and so on if you are intentional about the change that you are about to make.

You know the saying that Rome was not built in a day? I am positive that those who contributed in achieving what Rome is today were heartbroken, they didn’t want their home broken or the familiar things around them dilapidated but that change is what brings them to history now and forever.  You are saying to yourself, “how can I be intentional about change?

1. Change is sometimes necessary for our own advancement

It takes discipline, burnt candle, doing things out of the ordinary to separate your result from the rest of the crowd. To be intentional about this kind of change, you must understand that it is never going to be easy that is why you should always have someone who you can look to who has followed in the path that you are trying to do now.

2. Change keeps your mind busy

This is one of the reasons why you should embrace change, it gives you the opportunity to stay in line with things happening around in the globe. You have to be deliberate about every change that works right through the door that will serve for your own good.

3. Change gives you a chance

Change offers you the possibility of innovating yourself and everything else around you. Be open to change as you can never tell the kind of opportunity that it sweeps itself with as regards to you.

Change is necessary and you as an individual has never remained the same. Your growth is a constant reminder that you are not the same person as you were 5 years ago; a change occurred.

If you really notice, change does not come in a dramatic way as we sometimes want it to be. It comes in little things that could reshape our perspectives and often times, that is more than enough to take you to that place that you so desired without even realizing it. Change is essential and mandatory. The ball is in your court, you either embrace it and fail – to learn a thing or two, or you never try and remain the same.

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How do you plan to be intentional about change from today?


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