Change is Constant, How Do I Live With It?

What exactly is Change?

Change is basically to alter or modify. It could also mean to replace something by something entirely different or simply put, to transform.

Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? Except it really isn’t. In fact, Change may just be one of the hardest things to deal with in life. We’ve all had to face it one time or the other and I think we can all agree that no matter how much we try to avoid change or delay its course, it just happens to be the only constant thing in the world today.

Why exactly do we tend to approach change with reluctance, though? Well, that’s easy.

The idea of things being any different from what we are used to is just, you know, “foreign” and it is in human nature to react negatively to unfamiliar things.

You see, right from when we were little, we were taught not to talk to or play with strangers, to never accept gifts from unfamiliar people and if at all we wanted to try these things, to do so with utmost caution. So, rigidity to change is sort of like a reflex because we’ve all grown up with the mentality that “strange is not good”.

As I grow older though, I’ve come to realize that strange may not always be good, but strange is sometimes better and although I find that with any kind of change comes a certain level of uncertainty, the good thing however is that uncertainty is the bedrock of endless possibilities.

Since we’ve established that change is never easy but that it is also unavoidable, how then can we live with it?

Change can be categorized into two broad classes

1. The Change That Is Necessary.

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This features those that you decide to take on your own i.e those you orchestrate consciously because you think you need them. Examples may include: moving to a new town, changing schools, towing other lines of businesses, trying new dietary plans or something as simple as adjusting your sleep pattern. This kind of change is often undertaken because whatever it is you are working with has stopped serving you; or simply because you’re bored and feel the need to try something else.

The most helpful tip when dealing with this kind of change (considering it is usually something you decide to do on your own) is to keep an open mind.

Maybe to make the idea a little less scary, you could try asking yourself-“What makes me think the way things are now is the best way they could be?”…Know this- no perspective is ever wrong, it is just different.

When I was much younger, I would insist on a particular ice cream flavor-vanilla. It was what I had become used to and I loved it so much that I never wanted to try anything else. The one day vanilla was sadly not available, I struggled with the idea of picking another flavor. Eventually, I decided to try out strawberry and I have since been hooked!

Change isn’t always such a bad idea, you see. Sometimes it is, in-fact, necessary as switching things up makes for a more interesting life.

The major reason why the change that is necessary may sometimes be difficult to implement is Something called The Comfort Zone.

The comfort zone is the ultimate killer of dreams. It sucks you in until you’re trapped and then it robs you of all that can be and more.

I say once you figure that you’re getting too comfortable at a particular spot for too long, try doing something spontaneous and don’t think twice about it. Also, another thing that could help you deal with the comfort zone situation is by surrounding yourself with people who push you, people who do not allow you to rest on your oars for too long.

Did you know? –You’re a reflection of the five people you spend the most time with. Who we associate with plays a major role in shaping our outlook on life, goals and things we consider as important.

Maybe right now you’re thinking of those areas of your life you know deep down that you need to change but have completely neglected that need over time. It is time to take the decision to be and do better. Do not be the baby who refuses to get up and walk because he is used to sitting on the floor. Do not be the eagle that refuses to fly because it is afraid of falling.

Refuse to dread what must be done.

2. The Change That Takes You Unaware.

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This is the other kind of change and possibly the harder one to deal with. This kind of change creeps in on you when you least expect it. Examples of this kind of change are: having to deal with the loss of a friend or loved one either by death or conflict, drastic health challenges that may lead to dependence or even losing your job unexpectedly. There is nothing more disappointing than picturing things go a certain way and having them turn out much differently.

It is especially hard to come to terms with this kind of change because more often than not, we have absolutely no control over what is happening . However, the truth is no matter how hard it is to face this change, it must be embraced in any way possible else you risk getting stuck in the past and loathing the present.

Remember that refusing to deal with tough situations makes room for those tough situations to deal with you instead.

How then can one deal with this kind of change? You may ask.

Well, instead of obsessing over things you can do nearly nothing about, why not worry about the one thing you can control- your reaction to this change. Our reaction to things is mainly controlled by our mindset/thought patterns. You have to realize that It Is What It Is and then consciously choose to move from it. Our thought processes are pretty malleable and once you fix your mindset, change is easily accepted (maybe not immediately but eventually).

In Conclusion

To live with change,you must quit being afraid of the reality of things being any different from what you’re used to. Drop everything you think you know about what’s best for you and just Go with the flow.

Also, don’t forget to Try Everything because Versatility really is the spice of life.

My motto in life is to be firm in my decisions but flexible in my approach. You could adopt that henceforth and thank me later, LOL.

How do you view change and how do you react to it? Do share in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post.


6 thoughts on “Change is Constant, How Do I Live With It?

  1. Nice write up vaily
    I deal with change by talking to people about it and at the end of the day, what I fear, doesn’t really matter much. Most especially I talk to God about it. It soothes my heart so good😍😍😍


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