What is in Your Hands? What Do You Have to Offer?

I logged into my WhatsApp sometime this afternoon after not being with my phone all day long and when I decided to check out some status updates, I realized I consciously or unconsciously selected the status to view. And one thing I realized was that I did that because this particular set of people were consistent in putting things of value on their status. The same thing applies to whenever I log into my Facebook page. There are some particular users already saved on my search list that whenever I log in, the first thing I do is to always check their status update in order to learn because I am sure to always find things of value there.

Interestingly, this same principle applies to life. What you have to offer goes a long way in determining your success.

A person who is of immense value develops and invests in himself or herself and would be valued than a mediocre who has nothing of value to offer.

If you want to remain relevant in any field you find yourself in, you have to always deliver things of immense value. You can’t afford to not develop yourself in order to be at par with the development in your field.

For example, in the cake world, there are some types of cakes that are old fashioned and there are new cakes which are in demand now e.g chocolate cake, fruit cake, etc.

If a particular baker can only bake old cakes which are  no longer in vogue, you would agree with me that the person would not be relevant in the cake making industry.

There is a need to consistently improve ourselves, in order to increase our value and remain relevant.

Do you know that companies promote their workers based on how much the workers have invested in developing their skills? What do you have in your hands? Things of value? Or vain things? What do you have to offer?

Another important thing to note is consistency. Knowledge is great, oh yeah, it is a beautiful thing to be knowledgeable. But then, how consistent are you in showcasing this? How often do you show up?

You are a writer, how consistent are you in writing pieces of value?

A fashion designer, how consistent are you in sewing well for your customers?

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Speaking of the people whose status updates I view on Facebook, there is something about them. They are consistent in sharing things of value. If you share things of value but are not consistent with it, soon, you would be put aside.

What plans do you put in place to develop yourself? What do you have in your hands? What can you offer? How consistent are you in doing this?

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Show up! Be knowledgeable and consistent! 

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