The Greatest of All is Love

Every human was made in God’s image, and hence, is an extension of God. So, when we love other people, it is also a way of expressing our love for God. Love for others is a sign of love for God! … More The Greatest of All is Love


A Relationship with God First

If you do not have a relationship with God, you will continue to live your life guessing. “Should I do this or can I try that?” will be the outcome of a life that doesn’t hear from God. God won’t come to your ears shouting and speaking like a tornado, He comes through in a way that you can only understand if you maintain a relationship with him. … More A Relationship with God First

How to Deal with Rejection

Rejection is part of our daily lives, and in one way or the other, we are rejected, be it socially or otherwise. Whichever way it comes, feel it but don’t allow it to weigh you down; make corrections and be responsible and accountable about it; move from toxic people and surround yourself with those that appreciate you; build up yourself and see life with a bright smile each day. … More How to Deal with Rejection

How to Start Right

It is possible for a thing to be good, in fact, it can be the best but not right. What makes a thing right is not its general acceptability by people. It is not because it is a common trend, nor because it can be easily achieved. What makes it right is that it adds value to you, edifies you, and not in any way defiling or devaluing you and it glorifies your creator. … More How to Start Right