Questions to Ask about Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is merely a reflection of you. It’s a mirror-image of your attitudes and values. What your lifestyle says about you is actually what you say about yourself. You can’t expect to be seen as a disciplined person when indiscipline is your way of life. … More Questions to Ask about Your Lifestyle

On Drawing Boundaries

You can’t do without relationships. In fact, life is both rewarding and frustrating because of people. You can’t run away from that. To save yourself from the hurts or pain you will encounter, you will have to draw boundaries – indicate what you want and you don’t, what you will give and what you won’t. … More On Drawing Boundaries

Break Free-2

Click to read the first part. What are you doing with your freedom? This is a question I want you to answer quietly in your heart. We all have different areas where we have been given freedom, and I will be talking on a few. There’s freedom of speech. Freedom of your choice of friends. … More Break Free-2

Overcoming Setbacks

Dealing with a particular setback would require that we identify the steps involved to get to our end goal and understand how to go about each instead of fearing or avoiding it. This could involve professional or matured advice and an online survey might also be applicable. Just know this, no setback is new enough to not have a solution. … More Overcoming Setbacks