7 Common Sense Things You Should Know in 2020

These seven tips might seem basic but you will be surprised how much a little difference in our wealth of knowledge can affect us. … More 7 Common Sense Things You Should Know in 2020

Importance of Purposeful Relationships

No man is an island of knowledge. We all become greater and more competent by the reason of our interactions with others. We all need a relationship with God, colleagues at work, classmates, neighbours, church members and other categories of people we may come across. … More Importance of Purposeful Relationships

Trust and Obey

Trusting God is very active; it requires listening to and believing in His word. The truth is, at times, the instructions of God may seem funny and unusual.

Trusting God is not rationalizing his instructions, it is believing that whatever he says He will do, He will do. … More Trust and Obey

The Stronghold

A stronghold is a bridge we build while trying to shield ourselves from the unknown, making us fret over the unknown and most times, assumptions.
Live as the limited edition God created you to be and not the doppelganger of that person you held in high esteem that failed. Christ should be your stronghold, not some fear that keeps you at the edge of your seat. … More The Stronghold

Letting Go Of Peer Pressure

It is not a bad idea to have someone you are looking up to, it is not wrong to allow someone lead you on, it is not a problem to want to achieve what another has achieved. But it becomes a problem when you try to be like them at all cost without even knowing their full success story, their sacrifices, the pain that comes with what you think/what you are seeing them enjoy. … More Letting Go Of Peer Pressure