Teenagers and Boy-Girl Relationships


For every teen, a boy-girl relationship is a very big deal. Teenagers tend to get very interested in this topic and it is not new that it also captures the interest of teenagers rapidly.

I remember when I was still a teen, topics relating to boy-girl relationships grasp the interests of my friends and I. We do not get tired of listening to organized seminars or meetings in the church, addressing this particular topic. We always listened with rapt attention and if an individual attempts diverting our attention to something else during these meetings, such individuals would then know that it isn’t possible to move a mountain from its original position.

It is the same with every teenager out there now. Regardless of their age and the caliber of people they hang out with, this topic of boy-girl relationship is a very big deal. Every teenager in one way or the other would have been thinking about or exploring boy-girl relationships.

Teenage Crushes

Teenage Crushes

Starting from developing crushes on the opposite sex, to telling close friends about it and for some teenagers, to further telling the crush about it, which further graduates into amateur boy-girl relationship.

At this stage, the supposed duo becomes the envy of the class, church, or whatever and every other person wants to also have a boyfriend or girlfriend. This is now called “dating”.

It is very normal to have feelings for the opposite sex. You’re not committing a crime if you have these feelings. In fact, it shows that you’re a very normal person, growing up the same way everyone does.

Parental Duty

Most parents, when they find out that their ward or child is in a relationship with the opposite sex, they tend to react in such a way that frightens the child. There are a lot of things children teenagers want to tell their parents about but the fear of being rebuked and punished keeps them silent.

It is essential for parents to build a relationship with their wards, such that they can confide in them and talk to them about anything bothering them.

To Teenagers

Teen love
Two teens in a secluded area

Yes, it is your life. No arguments about that. You can obviously do whatever you like with it. But a teenager with dreams and focus, won’t divide his/her attention by going into meaningless relationships.

{Read: Importance of Purposeful Relationships}

The stage you’re right now is a stage to build and beautify yourself. A rose that has been trampled upon has no effect on anyone. But when you stand your ground, beautify yourself and stand tall, you’ll be desired by many and admired by your peers, younger ones and even older ones.


Meaningful relationships
Two adults in love

Love will find its way at the right time. Now is the time to put things into place and build a very great future for yourself.

Are you deliberate about relationships?


5 thoughts on “Teenagers and Boy-Girl Relationships

  1. Lovely write-up!
    I think this ‘dating’ issue is a very prevalent one in the teenage and young-adult society. It’s very important that parents stop reacting like they were never teenagers. These young ones need to be free enough with their parents to tell them most things. They should be able to confide in them. The parents can be more adroit in advising against relationships (especially at this age)…
    I agree with the conclusion you put forward there. Teenagers need to know what’s right for them, and even if they are to be involved in a romantic relationship, there should be limits. I believe that with mutual understanding between the young couple, a healthy could be established…
    Thank you for this post!


    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Paul. My hope is that parents will know how to deal better with issues like this in love and help teenagers make the right decisions.

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  2. Awesome post! As a teenager who’s very focused on her goals, I loved hearing a view on the relationships issue other than people who say that relationships are a normal part of a teen’s life. Yes, they are. But you have to decide when to take that chance and whether you’re actually committed to it. I have friends who date just for the fun of it, and I find that very bizarre. Thank you for this!

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