Teenagers and Dating

Songs of Solomon 8:4 Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires

What prompted me to put this down is the experience I had in the past week with some young teenagers. They were into what is popularly called dating nowadays, and strangely, a particular 15 Year old boy confessed to have slept with a lot of ladies.

Sincerely, I was surprised when I heard this because the boy has been doing that since he was in primary school and the parents does not know about it. You can imagine!
The devil is at work looking for whom to devour and destroy their future, and teenagers  are the set of people he can use so as to thwart their destinies and bright futures. So, if we are not careful, we might be toying with our future which won’t be regained easily when destroyed.

Something I have got to discover about dating is that sex and romance are always the core things that are involved. I don’t see any reason why someone who is not ready to get married in the next ten years start a relationship with the opposite sex and claim they are dating each other.

Undefined Close friendship with the opposite sex as teenagers brings a lot of dangers like unwanted pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, to mention a few.

Ladies, especially, need to be careful because they tend to suffer the shame and repercussions of dating and premarital sex.

Some of the things I have discovered that pushes teenagers towards dating are mentioned below:


Lack of contentment

Be contented with the little you have. Do not be covetous. You are different from others so there’s no need to compare yourself with them. It is in the course of comparison that some go to the extent of stealing so as to meet his/her selfish needs and desires.Teenagers that are not contended are easily enticed by the opposite sex with material things since that is what they want. They go to the extent of giving what they have(their body) to get what they want (money, material possessions).

The only solution to this is to tell God to help you to be contented with the little you have and He will surely cater for your needs without you giving out yourself to the opposite sex because of material possessions.

Lack of Godly parental care and attention

Some parents are very busy with their work and daily businesses to the extent that they don’t know anything about what their children are going through. People like this are likely to fall for anything because they need someone to talk to, so as not to make mistakes

The reason why “Godly” is part of it is that some parents mislead their children, and parents like that can’t be called Godly parents. Parents should make themselves available for their children at all times so as to help and encourage them as they grow.

Teenagers that suffer lack of parental attention or that suffer parental pressures need to see a counselor (either school or church) so as to help you on what to do.

Peer influence or inferiority complex

Some go into dating because their friends do it and they don’t want to be left out of the clique. I will mention again that you are different; God created you differently so there’s no need trying to live your life like someone else.

You have your own life to live, live it in a way that will please God, and not in a way that will please your friends.

Don’t allow inferiority complex to make you feel like you’re below or feel less of yourself.
Sometimes people who go into dating from primary or secondary school tend to get married to each other later in life but that’s really rare. To be on the safer side, wait till you know you’re ready to settle down and pay the price before you go into a relationship (matured individuals don’t do “dating”)

Dating is not of God and so it has no benefit or value to add to one’s life except to waste your life, time and money.

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