My School Crush-2

…We agreed to meet at exactly 2pm in my guest house. We were so excited about the evening, as we collapsed in each other bodies after our yet exotic love-making, just to see the face of the person who opened the door of our room gave me a shock I could never relieve myself from… Excerpt … More My School Crush-2

Teenagers and Dating

Be contented with the little you have. Do not be covetous. You are different from others so there’s no need to compare yourself with them. It is in the course of comparison that some go to the extent of stealing so as to meet his/her selfish needs and desires.Teenagers that are not contended are easily enticed by the opposite sex with material things since that is what they want. They go to the extent of giving what they have(their body) to get what they want (money, material possessions)… … More Teenagers and Dating

My School Crush- 1

The day I decided I couldn’t hold it in any longer was the night we were both sent on an official assignment, so we slept in a hotel just for that day, Dayo suggested we share the same room, I didn’t argue, I even loved the idea so I could finally tell him how I have been feeling for the past NINE years. I started with a light topic by how he was never serious with girls, that he was not getting any younger. He just smiled and told me he had a surprise for me… … More My School Crush- 1