Importance of Purposeful Relationships

No man is an island of knowledge. We all become greater and more competent by the reason of our interactions with others. We all need a relationship with God, colleagues at work, classmates, neighbours, church members and other categories of people we may come across.

A young adult is in a stage where they are seeking answers to questions, disregarding the status quo and asking for explanation as to why things are done in certain ways.

Hence, the need to have a relationship with others. Relationship does not necessarily mean association with the opposite sex but with both genders.

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4 Ways to Have an Effective Relationship

1. Clarify the purpose of the relationship and stick to it

The reason for the association should be clarified. Why some relationships are abused is because at their commencement, it was not properly defined.

The key to a purposeful relationship is that it should be clearly defined

For example, if you have someone as a reading partner, the best thing is to clearly define the reason for being together so that the time for studying will not be turned to a time of gisting.

When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable

2. Set boundaries

Just as highways have railings to prevent vehicles from swerving off the road. Likewise a fruitful relationship should have boundaries that will not be trespassed.

Life thrives on living a balanced life. Boundaries should be set to avoid acting beyond the limits of your personal core values.

Setting boundaries does not limit anyone but it is to keep a person safe.

3. Keep it open

When a relationship is adding value to you, you should allow some people around you to know about it. It should not be kept a secret. But it should be under the watch of people close to you.

A relationship you are not proud of letting people know is not worth having.

A third party can discern when anything is wrong with the relationship.

4. Evaluate the relationship

As a person, you should evaluate the good the relationships have brought to you. Some relationships are parasitic in nature in which a person invest time, money and other resources and get nothing in return.

Evalution of the relationship will help to decide if the relationship should continue or be suspended.

People come to our lives for different reasons. Whether you like it or not, every relationship has a time frame for it. Twenty children cannot play for twenty years.

While at it, ensure that the relationships you are in are mutually beneficial to you and those involved.

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