New Year Resolutions; Does it Have to be New?

Well, happy new year, and compliments of the season – how’s it going so far?

I know you must have heard the phrase: ‘…it’s 2020, it’s a new year with a new system’… Well, I have, over and again and this has made me pause to meditate on it. Hence, I thought to share this.

Let me ask – have you made your new year resolutions? If yes, or no – It’s fine, as this is helpful both ways!

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Many times, I see people making new resolutions for the new year -which is not bad-. But, there’s a way -I believe- we get things wrong.

The truth is that – Your resolutions for the year doesn’t really have to be new (at least not all)!

Let me explain:

What we call new year is not actually new in itself. January 1 for example is only a day after another day, which leads to another day.

Yes, some people have made our days ‘measurable’ by saying 365days makes a year, and this is not bad in itself. We are now able to plan ahead, as we see our days ‘running out’. It also helps us to be accountable to ourselves. But many at times, it leads to pursuing/setting unrealistic goals. It sometimes makes us ‘chase the wind’.

I am not saying not to create goals for oneself, as that would be extreme. I am saying that there’s a perspective to view things so as get it right; easing oneself from ‘pressures’.

Looking to do new things in a new year isn’t wrong. But, ask yourself: does it really all have to be new? (I believe No). Why do I really want to do this?

There are goals you’ve set, plans you have made, things you’ve listed out to work on in previous years (pretty good stuff). Most times, you only need to look back, and improve on them; continuing in them.

Always bear in mind, so as to ease unnecessary pressure, that it’s still your life; it’s just another day.

Your resolutions for the new year doesn’t have to be new, you shouldn’t neglect all those beautiful plans you had since years back. Remind yourself of your past consecrations, decisions; those things you’ve laid out for yourself to keep focus.

You really don’t have to set unrealistic goals, or place yourself under unnecessary pressure(s). Sometimes, you only have to continue in the same things (doing them in a better way, of course).

Even the word resolution means: a strong will, determination, to be fixed (according to the Oxford English dictionary). Hence, you may only have to remind yourself, and stay fixed on those same things you’ve set out to do from previous years back.

I am not saying to keep your bad habits too, you obviously should inbide new ones nor am I saying not to innovate. I am saying to embrace continuity in your plans.

For example, one of the problems Nations around the world face which leads to a mess (as I have observed) is that: there’s no continuity. I mean, a former/past president/governor would have built quite enough infrastructures, or might have implemented enough ‘reasonable and helpful policies’ but the newly elected leader gets there and feels he need to start anew instead of building on and sustaining what he met…

Many of us treat our lives this way – we ignore past advices, consecrations, plans, relationships, and so on: not seeing our lives as a single entity, we rather break things into part, and mess things up yearly!

Hence, as we make our resolutions for the year, let’s look back, and embrace continuity, there’s no need to rush.

The ones you see making ‘waves’ in areas of their lives didn’t get there suddenly. They have stayed resolute: doing the same things year in, year out. They didn’t try to drop everything, and pick something new every year.

You don’t have to make plans in a hurry that it becomes unrealistic. Take it easy: run at your own pace. Even as you try to do some new things – remind yourself of those same consecrations which you’ve made, those plans you’ve had years back, and continue in them.

Treat your life as a whole, the 366th day shouldn’t put you under unnecessary pressure(s)…

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