The Significance of Resolutions

Making new year resolutions has become a tradition practised both at home and abroad. Like MTN- it is everywhere you go. So many people resolve to change undesired traits or specific habits to accomplish a personal goal, improve their lifestyles, get in shape, lose weight, save money, eat healthier and so on. At this juncture, I’ll like to make known a truth which you might initially disagree with but completely agree with by the time you are done with this article.

Here’s the truth: day in, day out, we all make resolutions consciously or unconsciously and this makes us who we are.

Resolutions are approximately synonymous with goals and are really no different from each other.

A resolution is a firm decision to do something or the quality of being determined or resolute. Resolution is not limited to or might not necessarily mean one is leaving a bad habit for a good one.

It might imply that one wants to get better at a not-so-good habit or improve their skills at something. Simply put, a resolution is like setting goals.

Unfortunately, most of us get distracted and forget the goals we set as time passes by. Year after year, day after day, we state the same goals, make same promises then repeat the same excuses thus going round in a vicious cycle and consequently having zero results.

Perhaps a better question to ask is: why do we need resolution at all? What’s the essence? Why do I need to constantly stretch my mind and body to develop myself?

All the above and more is what this article addresses.

Resolution provides you with a vision and specific direction. It keeps you from wasting your resources in the form of energy, time, money etc, it also keeps you from being unprepared when opportunities arise or come your way.

  • Resolution gives concrete goals which can give you focus and stability. In the midst of busy day-to-day activity, having your goals set will keep you grounded and focused on the important thing.
  • Goal/resolution gives us meaning. It gives life meaning because one tends to live purposefully and purpose undoubtedly gives you a deeper reason you want to do a certain thing. Purpose moves us to take actions.
  • Resolution means progress, and in all aspects of one’s life, one must strive to progress. Progress is made when the goals set yields progress. If there are no goals, there is a confusion which can truncate or delay progress.

Furthermore, resolutions are a reminder of who we are and what we are supposed to do with our lives.


Perhaps you resolved to achieve some things in the previous year or month or week but you didn’t see it through? Perhaps it left you discouraged and you doubt if you can make any resolution and stick to it? Hey! I want you to know that none of us is perfect, do not be discouraged from pressing on to becoming a better person.

Now that you know the importance of resolution, I make bold to say even if you don’t hit the goal you have in mind, know that you would not remain the same way you were, as you would have become better in the process.

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Take a step today and do what’s right.


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