January in Review; How to Make a Review

This is the fastest January I have experienced, and I am glad it ended on a productive note for me. I learnt a lot of things, got better at my writing although it was not easy.

This year, I made up my mind to write reviews at the end of the month. This includes what I did, what I failed to do and what I did not do completely, and I want to teach you how to make reviews.

Why is a monthly review important?

Will you love to write exams without getting your score sheet? Everyone gets anxious of knowing their marks after an exam, even the person who answered the questions woefully. Reviews are just like your exam scores. It helps you to know where you are heading.

A lot of us had new year resolutions. Your monthly reviews will help you track your performance and dedication to your goals.

How do you make your review?

January is over, but the year is not over. If you made mistakes in January or failed to do some things in January, having a review will help you realize what you missed.

Here is how I do my review:

A review is like a score sheet. Like a feedback form that you do for yourself.

You should review every aspect of your life; your finances, academics, relationship and spiritual life. Remember that this review will help you track your growth and personal development.

  • Where do you start your review?
  • What were your new year resolutions?
  • What goals did you set for January?
  • Were you able to achieve any of these goals?
  • On a scale of 1 – 10, how close were you to your goals in the month of January?

You should answer all of these questions in a journal. Write down the plans you had at the beginning of the year and the goals you achieved.

It is possible that you had some plans for the month, and you had some impromptu things come up. For instance, I had plans to go for some courses on public health in the middle for the year. I did not plan for any course. However, a friend told me about the admission of nurses for a course and I had to go for it. It was not part of my goals for January, but it was part of my long term goal. So, I weighed my options and decided to go for the course.

Check the habits you exhibited more in the previous month.

  • Did you get angry more last month?
  • Were you happy?
  • Did you gossip?
  • Did you keep malice?
  • Did you procrastinate?
  • Did you cheat or lie?

All of these are examples of habits that some of us exhibit on daily basis.

Checking your attitude is a good way to know if you are improving or not. If you spent half the month getting angry at someone, it shows that you have problem with your emotions and you need to work on it.

Check your diet life

  • What did you eat?
  • Did you eat out more or ate home made food?
  • Did you eat healthy or ate junks?

Remember that your diet affects your mood, health and weight.

Review your friendship

Show me your friends and I will tell you what your future will be. Your friends matter a lot. I will expect that you also review your friends.
Did you meet a new friend? Are you sure that your circle of friends have the similar interests as yours?

All these are ways you can review your life as a teenager.

This is a February and it is important that you set your goals for the new month.

Remember that as the day goes by, you are getting older.

Do have a fabulous February!!!

Do you have your goals for February set?


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