New Year Resolutions or Goal Setting?

This is the time of the year when we are faced with the challenges of what the new year has to offer, caught up with the yuletide celebration and a blank sheet which the new year has to offer. We are faced with the fear of the unknown and the hopes that the next year would be better. This leads to the idea of a list popularly called the New Year Resolution which contains our plans, do’s and dont’s, etc. for the year.

While we are unique individuals, I have learnt over time that most people try to keep their “Resolutions” until February before breaking or deviating from it. If you fall into this category, I guess this piece is for you.

Just like the name sounds New Year Resolution, it is just like a guide for that year in particular but what about other years to come? This brings us to long-term goals, having a master-plan or blueprint of your life, your dreams and aspirations. Permit me to say some resolutions are results of errors and in the past year but goals are results you try to achieve.

The guideline below should help you with your goals in 2019

1. Avoid Procrastination

This is the biggest challenge which unfortunately I’m a victim of too, but I learnt that if you choose to respect time, then what’s the need of waiting for so long to do what you can do now. It is easier said than done but take the first step by saying No to Procrastination. There is no better time to start than now.

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2. Get a Notepad

Yes, get a little notepad/diary and make your daily list. Every day presents its opportunities and the only way to keep to your goal is by taking the next step to help you achieve it. After your daily morning routine, pick up your pen and write out your plans for the day, this enables you to score yourself daily. An economist would say “write out your Scale of Preference and sieve out the opportunity cost”.

3. Celebrate Yourself

In soccer, for every goal scored, there exist a form of celebration. If not from the players, you get it from the fans. But this life is a personal journey and even if nobody celebrates you, learn to celebrate yourself for every goal you achieve on or before the set time. Give yourself the special treat for doing it alone and work towards the next immediately.

4. Don’t give up

Some goals are long-term and you need to persevere to achieve them but do not give up even when all odds seem to be against you. Strive on and even if it’s past the set time, still push on. Delay is not denial, you never can tell how close you are. Stay Focused.

In conclusion, it’s the dawn of a new season, reminding us that we just triumphed over the hurdles of 2018, with 2019 offering us a blank page and a pen. Do not rewrite the wrongs of last year but create a new story, set your goals and work towards them.

Happy New Year and wishing you all the best that 2019 has to offer.

Do you have resolutions or goals for the new year? It’s not too late to draft out something. 

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