Faith is Key!

Most of us have probably heard the word “Faith” more than a trillion times. If not at home or school, then at the church. But how well have we actually come to understand this word ‘Faith’?

What’s faith? My device’s dictionary defines it as The process of forming or understanding abstractions, ideas, or beliefs, without empirical evidence, experience or observation.

Naturally, Faith is an act or process of understanding abstractions, ideas, without any tangible realization, evidence, or experience.

I’ll like us, as Christians, to grasp the take of God’s holy word regarding this topic, “faith”.

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. Hebrews 11:1

This portion of the scripture tells us that faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen, and not just that, it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. How foolish and ridiculous faith seems?

The single fact that most of us are Christians do not imply that we grasp this concept of faith, A large chunk of Christians don’t. Even though we’ve practically been church attendees all our lives.

Everything about Christianity is faith. Salvation takes faith, knowing God takes faith, believing in the efficiency of his abilities takes faith. This means that you can’t thrive as a Christian if faith is not in the context of your life.

Equally, everything about life is faith. Everything about God is faith and if you must get God to give you your heart desires, your faith has to be in place.

You need to see beyond the invisible to possess all good things that are visible.

What prayers have you prayed or been praying that seems as though it didn’t go farther than the rooftop of your room? Hey, you need to have faith. You need to be confident about your expectations. Yes, you’ve not seen them. You need to act like you have. This is what triggers answers.

This is a new year, what are your goals? What are your aspirations? What are you expecting yourself to have achieved by the end of this year? While you’re working on getting all of these, you have to activate them through faith. You have to believe in the complete possibilities of you having those things you want.

The truth is you’ll waver if you don’t have faith. Situations will confront you and make you feel like the feasibilities of your goals are far from reality. But it takes a heart of faith to keep treading even when dead ends are sighted.

When you operate in faith, you are actually keying into the realm of the supernatural where impossibility is a scam. Imagine having faith about graduating with a first class degree? And maybe your CGPA, normally, is far from it. You just keep being confident about it, the devil himself will be thrown into confusion. And somehow, when you work towards it, you’ll see God opening the door for you. It has happened, it happens, and it’ll happen. Don’t tell me it’s not possible.

With faith, lots of people have been recipients of God’s wonders. I know of a sickle celled person whose faith offered total healing. That’s medically crazy.

People diagnosed with AIDS have encountered recovery with their faith in action, this is also naturally and medically crazy.

With Faith, Enoch and Elijah in the bible didn’t experience death. Sorry, what scientific principle explains this? So, Faith is a supernatural action!

Faith is foolish to a mere man, that’s why the foolishnesses of God is ten times wiser than the combined wisdom of men.

I recall when I was in high school, my fifth year to be precise, I applied for an internal scholarship and well, the exam was actually technical. Most of my seniors who’d applied in preceding times failed. When I decided I was going to apply, my roommates in the hostel told me the exam was too technical for the scope of our curriculum and that the successful ones would always be those whose parents have strong connections. Then, as a boy of 14 or so, I told them “well, yes, I don’t have any connection, but I know a God in whose hands are the hearts of kings, so I need not fret, it’s a gotten scholarship”. They all laughed.

It was finally the day of the exam. The questions were really technical and complex for the scope of our curriculum, but I experienced no shred of technicality and complexity. God helped me to read the right materials. A week after, my dad was called for an interview and that was how I merited this acclaimed hard scholarship.

It wasn’t like I was very brilliant, I was just Faith in action, and that made me win.

Don’t hype problems, don’t hype challenges, don’t hype the barriers that may get in your way. It’s not that bad, faith is the key you need to unlock that sea of possibilities.

No dream is too big for you, no goal is too complex for you, just operate in faith and be stretched. I remember someone saying, goals have to do with age. You mean as a teenager, I can’t have a mansion? I so can! God says so. Anything at all. Just Faith!

But also remember that Faith is about action. It’s not just about talking. Faith has to manifest in the realities of your actions. Faith without works is dead.

You operate in faith and you work at it. Because faith is key.

See you at the top!

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