Faith is Key!

Don’t hype problems, don’t hype challenges, don’t hype the barriers that may get in your way. It’s not that bad, faith is the key you need to unlock that sea of possibilities. No dream is too big for you, no goal is too complex for you, just operate in faith and be stretched. … More Faith is Key!

The Love Walk

As Christians, there is a walk we are called to engage in and that is the LOVE walk. We are called to be imitators of Christ, to learn of Him, to grow to the fullness of the measure of the stature of Christ, to conform to his image. And the simple way to do this is to LOVE. The reason why we ever had Christ come to earth was that of LOVE. Oh! How he loved us enough to die for us; even while we were sinners. … More The Love Walk


Peace can be defined in both positive and negative sense. Positively, peace is a state of serenity and stillness; however, in a negative sense, peace is the absence of war or violence. Everything is evaluated not according to what it looks like at a certain moment, but by the degree of its development. Through a perspective … More PEACE