Covid-19: Where’s God in all this?

No matter who says what, no matter any man’s experience, vision, or thought, once it’s not consistent with the truth of God’s word – it can be discarded. God doesn’t tempt any man to try and bring him closer: not with sin, not with sickness, and definitely not with death. … More Covid-19: Where’s God in all this?

Letting Go and Letting God!

The reality is, you can control very few of these things but another important reality is “The universe is wildly out of your control.”

Let God know you don’t have the power to control your life. In light of this, let go of the illusion of control, give up on trying to figure everything out and instead trust God with all your heart. … More Letting Go and Letting God!

Faith is Key!

Don’t hype problems, don’t hype challenges, don’t hype the barriers that may get in your way. It’s not that bad, faith is the key you need to unlock that sea of possibilities. No dream is too big for you, no goal is too complex for you, just operate in faith and be stretched. … More Faith is Key!

Secret Regrets

Mostly, as teens there are things that happen to us now that could become a secret regret later in life. Those things could be the least of what we care about for now but later in life they are big deals. We should therefore try as much as we can to avoid them happening to us. We should be able to look back confidently at our teen years and have a big smile not regretting what we had done!!! … More Secret Regrets

My Faith Walk is a Journey

Sometimes, I can’t but think the “Faith” in my name is the reason I encounter this much. There are times I feel great about it, because it pushes me to hold on still, and there are other times I just wonder why God is busy working out my faith, like, isn’t it enough? Haven’t I had enough?

It was recently God told me clearly “your faith walk is a journey”.

This didn’t make much sense at first, but it gradually did as he took me through it. … More My Faith Walk is a Journey