Why I Need a Relationship with God as a Teenager

The answer to this puzzling question, boils down to one thing- PURPOSE. Purpose is the reason for which we have all come, the reason for which we live daily, hoping that with every move, we can fulfill it.

But the striking fact is this: not all of us get that fulfillment, and many who don’t, regret and wish they can go back to their past, to correct things.

Have you ever stopped to consider why the first instinct when something is wrong is to go back to the past to correct things? The reason is that the past, the young moment of our lives are the prime of our existence, the season to cultivate, the time to be made or to be marred. Hence, we often link a “faulty building”, which is the present, to a “bad foundation”- our past.

So, how does taking God seriously as a teenager and early in life come into all of this? Let’s answer this with the life record of some Bible characters.

Samuel and Paul are two individuals who, for many reasons exemplify the deep secrets of purpose discovery, as a teenager on one end and as an adult on the other end. Samuel grew up in the church, under the watch of Prophet Eli and because of that spiritual influence at an early age, he experienced a divine life all through the days of his life.

Paul, on the other hand, came to reconciliation with God at a much later age. I know you might be quick to point out that though Paul came to know God later, he is considered the greatest apostle.  But let us also remember that Paul paid dearly for the years that he lived in sin.

Billy Graham’s answer to the puzzle of whether we can grow too old for God’s grace is beneficial at this juncture. He said, “On one hand, the Bible makes it clear that God loves us with an everlasting love, and He stands ready to forgive anyone who sincerely turns to Christ in repentance and faith (Read 2 Peter 3:9), but the Bible also warns that when we repeatedly turn away from God, we can reach a point of no return. The reason isn’t because God won’t forgive us, but because our hearts would have grown so cold and hardened because of sin (Luke 23:39).”

The reason why teenagers should take God seriously cannot be over-stressed at all, because the evidence is everywhere. Taking God seriously weighs more positively on the individual than any other person, hence this should be a personal commitment.

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Another reason why teenagers should walk closely with God is because of the confusion and vulnerability that eludes the teenage stage. The stage of teenage hood is considered one of the most confusing stage that can ever be experienced by a man. There are so many unanswered questions in the hearts of teenagers, and the devil is constantly taking advantage of these ignorance and innocence to exploit many teenagers. 

It is hence no doubt that teenagers constantly need an everlasting heart and an ever-listening ears, which is God’s, to resolve the constant confusion of life though His word and His Holy spirit, as there is a limit to what our parents or guardians can do. God in his word, talks much about delighting in little children and eagerness to hear them.

Teenagers who resolve only to the advice of their friends, are bent to make numerous life and dangerous mistakes.

Parents, guardians, schools and other authorities related to children, are therefore encouraged to take the exposure of children to Godly things seriously. This should reflect in the kinds of words we use in communicating with these delicate specie, the song we play for them to listen to, the friends they keep, and not just about enforcing them to know and love God.

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In some attempts to enlighten teenagers about God and his love, some individuals have successfully created the reverse of what they intended, because their approach was probably too enforcing. Expose teenagers to the Love of God, and guide them, in prayer and in through making a choice, do not enforce it.

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So, while we encourage teenagers to walk closely with God, let us also be cautious of our approach; let’s show love and not just preach it.


What do you intend to do from today to improve your relationship with God?


One thought on “Why I Need a Relationship with God as a Teenager

  1. The reason is that the past, the young moment of our lives are the prime of our existence, (personal experience… I was watched by my parents, mentors, city leadership, school staff). This creates trust. I have no police record, and many church activity trophy listings to know I was protected. Keep Jesus first.


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