How to Build a Personal Relationship with God

Relationship with God should be personal! If there’s anything that God wants from us. It’s that we build intimacy with Him. That’s the reason for our existence. Fellowship! He wants to be closer than our skin.

Let me take you through the incidents that happened in the garden of Eden of how man enjoyed fellowship with God. It was such an amazing experience for the duo, not until the devil came and lured man into sin. The bond got broken. Man now looked like a stranger. It was so heartbreaking for God because He loved man so much. He missed man.

Then, He thought of what to do. He sent Jesus! Glory…!!! Through Him, the broken bridge was repaired. The interrupted transmission was restored.

Even after the costly sacrifice Jesus paid, the devil has still blindfolded the sight of so many young folks. They aren’t feeling God’s love.

“My Dad is a pastor. In fact, Mom is a teacher of the word.”

Do you know that this can be true and yet you don’t have a personal relationship with God? Someone is asking how can this be true?

At least, I hear God’s word everyday during our morning devotion. Mommy prays for me. Daddy prays for me.

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See, the journey with God starts that very day you got convinced of your sins. It commenced at the very moment you confessed, repented and got converted.

Having a personal relationship with God entails you having a experiential knowledge about God and not just a head knowledge.

Rome wasn’t build in a day. You grow from being a baby into maturity.

Here, I’ve listed some things I’ve been doing to sustain and build my relationship with God the more. You’ll find it helpful too.

1. Have Prayer Engagements

For me, this is a daily affair you must constantly commit yourself to. Through prayer, you’ll be able to communicate things to God. You’ll get feedback as your sincerely pour your heart in His presence submitting by faith to the will of the Father. Get this right, prayer is real work.

You can’t do it all by yourself less you’ll be drained completely. Allow the Holy of God. Let Him help your infirmities.

2. Study God’s Word

When happens when you don’t feed well for days? You look thin and lean right… so unhealthy.

Okay! What if a baby couldn’t walk even at age four? It’s abnormal! The mother is concerned, right?

That’s exactly what happens to you when you don’t feed well on God’s word. You will have spiritual ‘Kwashiorkor.’

“As new born babies desire the sincere milk of the word that ye may grow thereby.”

1Peter 2:2

King David also said

‘Thy word is a lamp to my feet, a light unto my path.’

The bible should be your guide. Read it and take note of wherever Gods word speaks to you individually. The Holy Spirit is the teacher of the word. Invite Him as you study and meditate.

3. Have a Community of Friends that Love God

You must have heard this before ‘Iron sharpeneth Iron.’ Check the circles of your friends today.

What value are you giving to each other concerning spirituals and in all other ramifications? Your circle of friends should help you in loving God the more.

4. Journaling.

While I was a bit younger, I’d have a separate exercise book where I document the time I had my quite time. I divided it into columns so I can fill in for the date, the time I started, the time I ended, the scriptural passage I read, what I learnt and prayer point. Sometimes, I include action points.

As I grew, I upgraded because I’ve learnt the act of waking up very early to pray. So, what I document changed to the promptings and instructions God lay upon my heart.

Don’t trust your brain to contain every truth inspired by the Spirit, make jottings.

5. Walk in Love

Don’t be complacent. Hunger and thirst for Him the more. When your mouth salivates a particular delicacy, it’s because you love it. Right?

Desire more dimensions in your walk with God. Walk in love everyday. And tell someone about God’s love today.

I hope you’ve learnt something from this. What’s your personal relationship with God like?


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