A Letter to the 18-Year-Old Me

Dear Self,

I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re writing this letter. I mean, it’s not like you can go back to being 18 and correct whatever mistakes you made then. You can’t go back to the then… It’s in the past now and there’s nothing you can do about it.

You heard this so many times that “time waits for no man”. Even now, time still waits for nobody. There were some decisions you weren’t supposed to make then, some steps you weren’t supposed to take, but you still went ahead with them anyway.

A letter to myself
Writing a letter

Now you want so much to go back and retrace those steps? Is that even possible? You knew all along that those decisions weren’t right but you still went on with them anyway. Now you wished you’d been wiser. Now you wished you’d spent those times generously. Now you wished you’d guarded yourself jealously.

Father always told you, ” You’re worth more than you think daughter. You’re worth more than what anyone thinks. I think of you so highly and I want the best for you.”

18 year old Me
Old self

Despite Father’s words, you went ahead and did what pleased you anyway. You always wanted to be like your friends. You always wanted to “feel among”. And so you went for it, selling yourself so cheaply. You didn’t believe Father’s words that you’re not just anybody, but a special person. You worked so hard to be just like everyone, whereas you’re so much special.

It may be true that those decisions you made then can’t be corrected now. It’s true you can’t travel back in time and remake so many decisions that were misplaced. One thing is however sure, that you can build a brighter future for yourself. You can walk in the light of what Father says you are and make the right decisions now. You can stand up tall to the accuser and say it to his face that you now believe what Father’s words say about you.

You know now, that when the accuser confronts you with the realities of your past, you confront him with the reality of Father’s words.

Now rise Oh daughter of Zion, walk in the reality of who you are. Walk in the identity you have received from the Father.

Letter to Self
Letter to Self

Travis Greene said in one of his songs “Daddy’s Home” that the father calls you Sons and Daughters,.He says he is your father and that you can have his last name. Rise and walk, move, and live in Christ’s being, until his full stature has been reached, fulfilling your identity.

Yours’ Sincerely,
Present Self.

If you could write a letter to your old self, what would you say?


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