Your Five Priorities as a Teenager

The teen-age is a stage; a delicate and complex one. I would have you know that the choices and decisions you make, at this time of your life, will mostly and usually shape what exactly your future would look like.

Now is the time to lay the foundation for what will eventually become of your life. That’s why it is dangerous to be too playful and careless with life as a teenager.

You’ve grown from being a child, you are no longer doing the childish things you used to do and you are now a young adult. This means a change in body features, a change of mentality, and of course a replacement of priorities.

Your priorities as a child were to play games, eat lots of chocolate, visit the amusement park and acquire lots of toys. It is an entirely different thing now, as your priorities naturally change and if they are right, they will definitely be of great advantage to you.

While priorities could differ based on the individual, there are certain ones that should be considered by default. Below are five priorities you should have as a teenager:

1. Your Future

What will become of you in the nearest future should matter to you. How do you want your life to look like? What do you want to achieve? How do you intend to achieve it? This should matter a great deal to you more than anything else.

2. Your Health

Health is wealth. Any feat you want to achieve in life will only be possible when you have a sound mind and body. Be conscious of your health, eat the right meal, sleep at the right time, wake up at the right time.

You are fit for the feats when your body is fit.

3. Your Relationship with God

It is the most important of all priorities. You must be in a cordial partnership with God; you must know him for yourself. The greatest relationship a man can have is a relationship with the one who made him. The one who knows your ending from your beginning, he knows when you will leave the world before you came into the world. That’s why the God factor is imperative for anyone who wants to succeed and if you want to succeed too, it’s time you took it more than seriously.

4. Education

You need to take this very seriously because, in our contemporary world, nobody wants to say Hi to you if you’ve got nothing upstairs. If you’re lucky enough to be supported to go to school, it’s best you stay focused.

YES, education makes men of wisdom and nobility reckon with you. It opens doors of opportunities, and it is a necessary priority.

5. Relationship with Your Family

It is very vital that you attach a reasonable importance to the bond you share with your family. When I say family, I mean your nuclear family- your dad, mum, and siblings. They must be important to you more than anyone, because no matter where you go, you will come back to them. Your family is your family, nothing will change that fact.

Do you think I missed out on some things that should be basic priorities? Kindly share in the comments below.

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