Health Benefits of Water

Most people misinterpret Water to be the least essential among the classes of food because it is usually listed last, however, this would be a wrong school of thought, as Water is the Universal solvent that dissolves and ensures the proper digestion of all the other classes of food.

That being said, let’s look into the precise health benefit of Water. … More Health Benefits of Water

Health Tips for this Month

The state of being completely healthy comprises of your physical, mental and emotional well-being. Often times, most people think that being healthy involves staying free from diseases. While this is true, our total well being includes our physical, mental, psychological and emotional health. … More Health Tips for this Month

Why Mental Health is a Big Deal

The state of our mental health affects not just our thinking but our feelings and behavior as well. The way we behave is the way we relate to other people, so this leads me to the conclusion that mental health has quite a large part to play in the health of our day-to-day relationships. Being mentally healthy makes you more compassionate, understanding and emotionally available for the people in your life. … More Why Mental Health is a Big Deal

How to Prevent Athritis From a Young Age

Arthritis is a condition of pain caused by an attack on the bone in the different joints of the body and the tissues that surround the bone at those joints. It comes with symptoms like stiffness, aching, and swelling in, around one or more joint, known as inflammation. This pain or inflammation now bear different names based on the locations they occur … More How to Prevent Athritis From a Young Age

5 Things Teenagers Should Look Out For During COVID-19 Lockdown

I am tired of sleeping, waking, eating, and seeing the same set of people. I want to get up from my bed every morning, wear some clothes, and get to work. I want to be able to shake someone, hug a friend, walk into a canteen and eat without having to fear the almighty COVID-19. … More 5 Things Teenagers Should Look Out For During COVID-19 Lockdown