How to Prevent Athritis From a Young Age

Arthritis is a condition of pain caused by an attack on the bone in the different joints of the body and the tissues that surround the bone at those joints. It comes with symptoms like stiffness, aching, and swelling in, around one or more joint, known as inflammation. This pain or inflammation now bear different names based on the locations they occur … More How to Prevent Athritis From a Young Age

5 Things Teenagers Should Look Out For During COVID-19 Lockdown

I am tired of sleeping, waking, eating, and seeing the same set of people. I want to get up from my bed every morning, wear some clothes, and get to work. I want to be able to shake someone, hug a friend, walk into a canteen and eat without having to fear the almighty COVID-19. … More 5 Things Teenagers Should Look Out For During COVID-19 Lockdown

Eating Healthy Without Overspending

Hunger is a spontaneous desire to eat and depending on how intense the desire is, you might just be willing to eat anything to satisfy the desire, except you had a plan. This phenomenon introduces the concept of “Junk food”, which is an instant filling food that is not cumulatively beneficial to the body, and most times tends to cost more than having a pre-thought and planned meal. … More Eating Healthy Without Overspending

Help! I Can’t Stop!

It is a pity that people who get trapped in addictive habits or behaviour eventually find out that overcoming it is more challenging than expected or can be handled.

Getting into addiction is easier than getting out of it. It can take years of being faced with the negative consequences of addiction before one would realize that it is causing significant problems. … More Help! I Can’t Stop!