Why Washing Your Hands is a Big Deal

Presently, COVID-19 is on the rampage in almost every part of the world and many steps and actions are taken to limit its spread and stop its prevalence. Thus, there is so much emphasis on the practice of hand-washing. Everyone is being employed to stay and wash hands frequently with soap and water especially when there has been contact with foreign objects and bodies.

Thanks to Ignaz Semmelweis, we are able to know a long time ago that hand washing is very important tool in the prevention of the spread of diseases.

Well, this is not the first time and it is definitely not going to be the last time (in hundreds of years to come, maybe) that there will be so many public programs and campaigns that encourage everyone to inculcate the golden practice of hand washing, which interestingly doubles as both a good hygienic activity one should do regularly and medicine to prevent diseases. What is then so important about washing your hands almost every time?

Germs are Everywhere

Well, not all of us acknowledge this but it still the fact, microorganisms are everywhere. Though not all these tiny-almost-invisible living organisms are bad, the bad ones (germs) are also widespread as the good ones.

They are everywhere, in the air, in water and on land. They are on that doorknob, the teaspoon, your shoe’s interior, even your beloved Smartphone is not left out. Think of anything, they are there. You can’t escape them even though you try. In fact, you were without them before you were born but as soon as you took in your first air on earth, you were immersed in a sea of them.

The funny thing is they are partly responsible for you being healthy and yet one of your biggest nightmares – some of them cause the diseases that kill people you know and love. So, let it sink into your head, germs are everywhere.

Your hands are the major contact to the external areas (Environment)

Your beautiful hands – the ten fingers of elegance, are one of your major gateways to the environment. You can’t physically touch your best friend even though you can see him. You can’t reply those WhatsApp messages if you don’t use hands to scroll and type neither are you able to leave that noisy room if you don’t pull that doorknob.

Your hands are your major weapon of contact. So it is not a lie to say that your hands are always in proud possession of millions and billions of microbes. Both good and bad. What can you do? Wash your hands!

Your hands are also one of the major portals of entry to the internal areas (your body)

You can’t taste the sweetness of a pie or cake if your hands don’t get it to your mouth. Well, you might as well pick up with your mouth but why would you want to do that?

Openings on the body such as the mouth may be the ultimate way microbes find entry into your body but that would not be possible without your hands.

You use your hands to bath, put to the piece of cake in your mouth. You use it (naked and bare hands) to cover your nose when you sneeze. These same hands you have used to touch the doorknob, shake your friends and exchange millions of the invisible foes and friends alike with the environment.

There is no way for you to distinguish between the bad and the good one. What can you do to reduce your risks of falling sick with a disease they cause? Wash your hands

Hand washing is not the ultimate defense or preventive measure to stop these invisible warriors from entering into our bodies and doing their sinister acts but it is one way (without unnecessary stress) you can reduce the risk of falling victim to their vicious deeds.

If you are still not convinced or maybe you want to more evidence, I’ll encourage you to read this beautifully written and explicitly detailed piece on what this little and maybe inconsequential hygienic practice may ignite if neglected in wake of the spread of COVID-19 which the whole world is currently battling.

Finally, you read through. Good one. This was written intentionally this way not to strike fear into you but make you see vividly that what you might be thinking as inconsequential is very paramount to your health and well-being.

Make sure to follow the appropriate way to wash your hands (described in the image below) and stay safe!

Your Life counts. Keep it safe!


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