Covid-19: How to Maximize Your Time

The coronavirus pandemic is no longer news. It keeps flying all around the world without any travelling pass. Thousands have succumbed to the virus; many are on the sickbed, and hundreds have recovered also.

Many have devised ways to prevent themselves from this deadly virus. Even myths such as eating garlic, staying away from ice cream and the likes keep flying around. The only ways to prevent the virus (as health practitioners have revealed) is to drink water frequently, wash hands regularly with soap (for at least 20seconds), to keep social distance (especially from anyone sneezing or coughing) and to avoid hugging and shaking of hands.

The government on the other hand -as a way of protecting its citizens- has closed down schools, offices and the likes, telling us to stay at home, and indoor.

This is like a burden to the young adult and/or teenager, who would prefer to stay in school amidst friends rather than sit at home. It also means that acts such as going out with friends when not feeling too well or just going to see a movie just to ease oneself of stress can no longer be relied on.

While it’s absolutely wise to stay at home, many young adults and teenagers are already being ‘tormented’ by boredom. It may be normal for the ones who would naturally keep to themselves even when there’s no isolation, but for those who are not used to this – it could be miserable, and they might as well waste away the whole day.

Even the introverts would need more energy as it means they probably now have more people around then than they normally would, and this makes them uncomfortable and unproductive.

Thinking about all this, and in the bid to answer the question: “What can I do?”. I have put together some amazing things you should consider doing in this period, even as you rest. I do them, and it is working.

Revive” your spirituality.

“Since I got this new job, I haven’t been praying well”. “oh. My course leaves no time out for church meetings”. These and more are people’s punchline when asked about their spiritual growth. We have blamed the stress of the adult life and/or school’s work for our laxity spiritually.

Well, this is a very good time to “make up” for all of that.

You can now deliberately add spiritual exercises to your daily activity, and it won’t necessarily affect anything.

Although, this should not be the norm for anyone serious with their spiritual growth. Spiritual growth mustn’t be traded for anything. But, this is a good time to revive yourself spiritually.

Read your Bible more, download teachings (I recommend, pray more.

Don’t Forget to Grow Intellectually.

As you may know, the coronavirus affects majorly people with a weak immune system. Therefore, health practitioners have advised us to eat well and to rest adequately. But, you mustn’t overdo things -especially as a young adult/teenager.

You shouldn’t be found resting, or seeing movies and playing games for 24hours consistently. It’s dangerous, and careless to do that. In fact, I believe it’s “suicidal”. I don’t think your brain would be happy with you. It’s not healthy.

Therefore, as a student, or maybe an entrepreneur, this is the time to read, read, and read again.

Download Pdfs. Get some materials online concerning topics where you have difficulties in that course/subject that are giving you a tough time.
I recommend

It has been said that the best advice, knowledge, and information are in books. So, pick some up and read. Get educational, motivational, and spiritual books. Dedicate about 30mins to 2hours in a day to read.

Don’t forget that the world we live in today honours what you know and can do. Your brain on the other hand knows no stay at home directive: it needs to be developed.

Therefore, equip yourself. Add value to yourself.


Oh, what a time to get those six-packs! What a time to put in the hard work!

This sit at home directive would probably last for a few more weeks.
You now have no 8:00am class which would require you to wake up early and prepare for school, neither do you have to be stuck in traffic. You can finally wake up to exercise. What a relief, right?

Especially for people who normally engage in exercise – your muscles don’t care if you must stay at home or not. If you don’t keep engaging it, it will relapse.

If you’ve always wanted to exercise – now is the time. Start now and make sure to create a continuity plan for when everything goes back to normal. For those who exercise before, this is not the time to relax. In fact, raise the bar.

“But I don’t have any equipment, or, I usually go out to the gym and it has been locked”. No worries, there are 1000 and 1 ways to workout at home without any equipment.

Check the channel -teachingmenfashion on YouTube and search for home workouts. Or the channel AllblancTV.

Reconcile B r o k e n Relationships.

Now is the time to call that friend of yours. This is when to find out why they stopped calling.

Although, you must be careful about this.

If you know that you will not sustain the relationship when everything goes back to normal, just put your “hi” in your pocket. Don’t force it. But if there’s someone you’ve always wished you spoke more with and all, this is the time to do so.

{Read: How to Keep in Touch with Friends Regardless of Distance}

Review those Resolutions.

I know you swore to do this and that but reality has struck you. The stress of this modern world has caught you in between. Peer pressure has been so real.

But now, you can breathe. Look back at those plans you made back in January. How are they going? Are you doing well? Do they need modifications? Review them.

Own the Rest.

If you’re like me in a daunting department like Architecture, you may want to actually have some quality rest and food. Because those lecturers are patiently waiting to get us. Those presentations/jury that has automatically been postponed. Those assignments that have gracefully been shifted. Hmm. I see the workload like a river!

Just joking. but really, rest well. Schools might rush things and all the free time would soon be gone.

Get some good time to play. Play games. Download some mobile or PC games. Do you always wish you were better in a particular video or board game (maybe ludo, chess, and so on)? Learn it.

Download some interesting movies and see them.

But remember, don’t overdo this.

There are probably a thousand and one things to do to keep yourself busy at this period. But as you rest, make sure to improve on yourself.

Also, stay positive. Don’t believe myths. Believe only what experts say. Take necessary precautions.

Remember, prevention is better, cheaper and less stressful when compared to cure. So, stay safe.

The world will resume its normal ‘hustle’ soon enough. Will you be ready, much better, or you would be worse?

Was this helpful? Then you shouldn’t just pass by without a comment. It’s like preparing a meal for someone and they never say thank you. Annoying, right? Yeah!

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Also, don’t be too quick to leave the website, there are other great articles which you should check out.


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