How to Keep in Touch With Friends Regardless of Distance

Friendship is amazing but the icing on the cake is sustaining it.

A saying goes thus “the older the wine ,the better it tastes”. This could apply to the friend bond too. The longer the years people stick together, the merrier the relationship is.

However, we all know how everyone get ahead in life and distance creates a huge gap. The bond seems to be loosened, it appears the glue of closeness wore out.

Indeed, distance unconsciously creates a barrier and in a moment, we tend to not feel the vibe anymore. More like it retrogresses into an acquaintance relationship. If care is not taken, we might even phase out and tend not to know how it started on a good note but blew out in a split second.

It is understandable that we sometimes might not have full control but we can make a whole lot of change regardless.

Now, the major glaring cause of the wear out in friendship is distance, due to different colleges or change in local/international residences.

For we know, there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.

However, friendship should not end because of the above factor. It could take just a little more effort but it’s worth it.

These few tips might come in handy:

1. Communication

This goes a long way in friendships; it’s a great reminder that you still care. Social media, messages, calls are indispensable to keep the fire burning. Technology has done us a great help, so whether miles away or over the seas, you can still talk as you do with that friend.

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2. Hangouts

Once in a while, a little sacrifice can be made. Since distance is a barrier and you don’t get to see always, you could plan a picnic or get together when you converge and share memories. Tell them how much you miss them when the hangout comes to an end and how you can’t wait to meet them again.

3. Prompt response

Whenever your attention is required, endeavour to respond immediately, if you can. This way, you are sending a message that they really do matter to you.

4. Keep being you

Most friendships ended abruptly because either parties thought they changed. When you meet new friends, don’t lose the old ones, don’t play deaf to their words, don’t give them the feeling of replacement.

5. Be detailed

It’s amazing when you still pay attention to details: birthdays, an interesting gist you shared and the minute conversation you had. It goes a long way to prove you feel they are just as close as they could be to you.

6. Send a notice

If along the line,you get busy, explain to them so they don’t get the sinking thought you are ignoring them.

Be slow to conclude. Distance has brought you apart; it might not seem the way you see it, don’t judge easily. When that friend takes a while and does not call, you can take the step instead.

Many lost loved ones who gave in to depression might still be alive today if they had people around. Yeah! Everyone is busy but it goes a long way when no strongholds, not even distance breaks the bond of friendship.

Keep in touch. It’s better to be in, not out. We never can tell which friend would be of help.


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