Connection is Key in Friendships that you Value

There always comes a point when we can no longer connect with or see all our close friends. And while there are more ways than ever to stay connected, it’s also easy to feel like you’re drifting when the extent of your staying in touch is through social media.

Being far away doesn’t mean that you can’t stay close, it just means you have to take a bit of a different approach.

Highlighted below are a few ways to connect with your long-distance friends:

1. Make Phone Calls

Picking up the phone sounds obvious enough, but with school work, extracurricular activities, family, new friends, new environment occupied your time, it can feel almost impossible to spend time on the phone with your distant friend.

In this kind of situation, you could set a date, like every Sunday night or the last Sunday of the month specifically to catch up with your distant friends. Even if it is once a month instead of every week, you’ll feel more connected when you keep up with these calls.

If it’s hard to find time after work, try to squeeze them into your leisure or while going for a walk.

2. Chat On Social Media

Social media allows you to get as in-depth as you would telling stories over the phone, but you can type them out in public or at 3 AM and not embarrass yourself or wake your friends.

The problem, of course, is can you really connect with each other via texts? Sure, you can. You should not say “Happy Birthday” only on your good friend’s Facebook wall. You could place a call or better still, send a card.

3. Plan a Trip

Whether it’s heading back to campus together or meeting up somewhere once every six months, or going to a concert. Yes, it can be expensive but even if it is only once a year, getting together will make a huge difference in keeping your friendships alive. Plus, you’ll get to make a new set of memories, in addition to the ones you’ve been missing from the past.

4. Invest in Each Other

What has really helped to solidify relationships is making it a point to see each other. It might cost you time, money, and energy to keep in touch, but it’s simply a priceless investment, especially for friends that have stood the test of time.

Make effort, not excuses.

Get to a point where the effort doesn’t seem like an imposition anymore. Humans are a gift from God to you that should be valued and you make time out for what you value.

Friendships are one of the most precious treasures of life that you would want to do everything to honour and nurture. Appreciate each friend for the unique and special joy they bring you.

Don’t just do so on Valentine’s day. Show love every day!

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What steps are you taking from today to ensure you keep in touch with the people you value?


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