The Positive and Negative Effects of Tech On Teenagers

The use of technology varies, depending on the age of the user, the purpose of use and the tool used, among others. If there are difficulties or abuse connected with a thing, the only solution will be to apply the proper means of using it.

For the internet, a product of technology, many uses abound for it- both positive and negative. These uses have been proven to exist based on purpose, equipment (gadgets) and the age of the user (teenager, adult, children).

In this article, the use of the internet will be discussed based on positive and negative use by teenagers.

Like the two sides of every coin, there are unquestionably good and bad sides to the increase in technology in the life of today’s teens and young adults.

The Positives:

1. It grants increased access to ideas and information

This involves access to other religions and cultures, science, technology and world systems. Technology is unique and new techniques and learning opportunities wouldn’t exist without it. It makes a wealth of resources available to the teenager as many students now know how to use the encyclopedia and can literally put a question into search and come up with an answer.

2. It permits ease of communication

Especially with the revolutionary social media platforms around us ranging from Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and Twitter amongst others. You can now connect and communicate with others, friends and family.

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3. Source of entertainment

The Internet has also offered a source of entertainment and semi-socializing for youth. This is emotionally beneficial for people with short attention spans.

The Negatives:

1. The gullibility for technological media

For many teenagers, the belief now is that anything on the internet is practically true and much realer than the informal and previous knowledge they had. There is usually this catchphrase of “if it is on the internet, it must be true”. Teens and young adults are more connected than ever before and are more likely to believe things they see online. This affects the ability to be analytical in thinking.

Teenagers should have a healthy dose of skepticism about everything on the net until they can find ways to back it up. These ways are best through parental guidance, older individuals and selected books.

2. Free expression

The ability to express views and ideas without having to face the consequences is another negative side. Many teenagers now get to engage roughly with their peers on modern devices and systems with an enormous amount of what equals cyber-bullying. They say things about themselves and others that they would never say in person for fear of what might happen.

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3. Internet predation and overexposure to sexualization

Teenagers get exposed to cybercrimes (popularly known as yahoo-yahoo), fraud, and internet immoralities like pornography and explicit content. This is the most frequently addressed negative side of the internet as teens can open themselves to being lured by sexual predators on the internet or have indecent pictures on the internet.

4. It raises a platform for falsity and gratification

This is because everything is completely self-centred and narcissistic and for every achievement (or seeming achievement), the individual posts it on Social media. If you do not get me wrong, there are big events that people can share with real friends, but a lot is mindless, pointless chatter that actually isolates us instead of bringing us closer together. If you imagine cases where someone posts says “Chilling things on point”, with other fellow teens at a pool party, you know what could be petty.

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There are many more examples in the positives and negatives. You can do well to share your thoughts in the comments. As solutions to the negatives, I believe the answer is in good parenting and education.

The exposure of teenagers to the use of computers and other technology should follow some parameter knowledge. This is why many modern technological systems have permitted restrictions based on age, locations, the integrity of users, among other features.

As a general rule for teenagers, I will randomly advise that if you wouldn’t say it in person, don’t put in print.

Also, everything you put on the internet can never be taken back. Don’t trust people on the net because if you don’t know them in real life, you really don’t know them.

Technology is a wonderful and useful luxury, but still a luxury, so learn to live without it.

Teens need to have these basics taught to them early and reinforced throughout their basic growth stage. Like other random behaviours, adults should teach children, not expect them to know things. This is just one more responsibility that parents and teachers have in today’s world

I do hope for a better future where the things meant to better us do not destroy us.

How has technology affected you? Do you think it does more harm than good or the other way round? I’ll like to hear from you in the comments.


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