5 Ways to be a Straight ‘A’ Student

I told you I will be sharing with you ways to achieve your goals this year, and your academics is a pivotal aspect of your life. I understand that not everyone desires first-class grades, however, if you desire it, you can have it. Whatever your academy goal is, you can achieve it. 

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To get a first-class in the university, or have all As in your WAEC, SAT or ACT as a high school student, you need to be deliberate about your grades, and time. Attending classes, engaging in some random reading, and desiring good grades is not enough; it is never enough to help you achieve your goals. What then should you do? Improve your academy standards.

  • How many hours do you read daily?
  • How passionate are you with learning new things?
  • Do research and knowledge interest you?
  • Who do you have in your circle of friends?
  • Are they passionate about reading and having excellent grades, or just after a pass mark?

All these questions will help you improve your standard. Over time, I have realized that first class students are hard-working; they study hard, very hard. Their main priority is their grade and nothing more. Their habits include consistent reading, time management, among others. And these habits are reasons for excellent grades. 

If you also desire to have good grades this year, here are five ways you can do so.

1. Have a Reading Routine

Reading should not be a one time exercise for you, it should be a regular habit that you must engage in. You have 24hours per day; break down each day into smaller hours and activities. This will help you to plan your activities per day and read.

One mistake students make with having a reading routine is that they do not have a planned time. The essence of having a specific time is to help you stay consistent to this act. You need to be deliberate with your reading. You can read for 2 hours every day. You can decide to read as soon as you wake up, or before going to bed.

A reading routine can help you prioritize your activities properly.

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2. Learn To Prioritize

I understand the excitement that follows the new year, resumption and holiday. It can be so tempting that you loosen up on your goals and desires. For example, only a few students read their books daily during the holiday. Similarly, most students do not read their books during the first weeks for resumption.

If you must be a first-class student, then you need to read your books every day. Whether there is a holiday, or there is a festival. Irrespective of the events happening at that time, you just need to study.

When you learn to prioritize, you will not be swayed away by the euphoric waves of the festive period, or a new session or a new class. All that you should pay attention to is your academics. 

When prioritizing, you need to place a higher value on your studies than any other thing. For example, stay at home to study, rather than attend a friend’s party or hangout if it will not help you. Researching on a new topic, instead of live-streaming a new series. There are just so many things you must prioritize properly if you want a good grade. 

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3. Discipline Yourself

I know how reading sometimes can be a thorn in the flesh. I enrolled for a course on the WHO portal today, and I need to complete the first topic before moving to another activity. I enjoyed the topic, yet I had to discipline myself enough to watch the video, take notes and also read the PDF that was provided for the course. There are countless times you would make a commitment to read per day, yet you find it difficult to discipline yourself to read for that allocated time.

Discipline is the breakfast of a champion.

Discipline yourself to read a topic ahead of the class, research on a topic. Ask questions in class. Just discipline yourself.

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4. Have Friends of Like Minds

When I was an undergraduate, I belonged to a circle of 6 friends and we all read together. My friends were the definition of the statement, “Iron sharpeneth iron”, we studied together. We did group discussions, and it was quite difficult for me to do another activity when my friends were reading.

They helped me build my reading culture, we argued over theories, researched over them and concluded. It was great and helpful. You can also have such friends.

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This is one reason why I always encourage teenagers to have friends who have the same vision as theirs. If you want to be a grade-A student, then you need friends who desire the same for themselves.

If you do not have friends who desire or pays attention to reading and studying hard. You need to review your friend list.

  • Who are your friends?
  • What are they passionate about?
  • What interests them?
  • How willing are they to help you achieve your dreams?
  • Do they find it difficult to support your dreams?
  • Are they comfortable with you skipping your reading classes to hang out with them? 

If your friends are not passionate about reading, then they may be a hindrance to you.

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5. Minimize Your Use of Social Media

I read @nelsonvincent232 blog post about teenagers and social media and I must say that a lot of teenagers are addicted to social media. Even adults are addicted to the use of social media. You can imbibe the habits of freezing your apps, uninstalling some of your apps to prevent distraction.

I know how distracting WhatsApp can be for me, so sometimes I freeze WhatsApp for a day so I can meet up with deadlines at work. Why do I have to do this? I hate to be distracted at work.

If you want to have excellent grades this year, you should learn to cut down on the hours you spend on social media. 

Graduating with flying colours is amazing, and anybody can achieve that under the right circumstance. Learn to study your book, pay attention in class, be at your best behaviour. You will realize how easy it is to be a first-class student. 

What other ways can students have excellent grades? I’ll like to hear from you in the comments below.

Are you finding it hard to cope with your studies, and you need someone to help you? You can meet a coach to put you through.


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