It Takes Strength to Build

My last post was on giving things a little time to see results. It seems we would still dwell a little on “building”. The year is still young, we all aim to be proud of what we have done by the time the year is over. So, we are still building.

Another important factor at making things work is strength. Strength is a relative term, so in this context we’ll be defining strength not as physical energy but more of an inner drive, an internal or intrinsic motivation. With that in mind, shall we dive in?

Have you ever been in a seminar or a speaking session where the speaker used words such as lunch out, come out of your shell, and leave your comfort zone and whatnot? And you feel so much like you are definitely going to do something from what you have just heard but few days down, you just can’t see yourself that enthusiastic about your plans anymore.

Now, my question is, deep within you, are those things not easier said than done? Articulating these things is easier than demonstrating them. It takes more than words to act on those words. You need more than hearing to make things happen. You need an inner drive.

As an educationist, we categorize these drives as intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. What people give to you is extrinsic motivation; they try to make you do things. But that does not last longer. Sometimes those words span for the first few seconds or minutes you heard those words.

An inner drive is powerful. It’s from within. Nothing spurs you to action other than yourself. At the same time, nothing can kill this drive except you. Remember you are the creator and can be the killer as well.

As much as motivation from external factors can be awesome, they aren’t just enough. It fades away quickly if there’s no inner drive added to it.

Lunching out is great. Breaking limits is awesome. But beyond words of affirmation, your inner self is of utmost importance.

It takes strength to lunch out. It takes courage to break limits. It takes more than motivation to attain success. An inner drive of strength is of great priority in all of this.

It takes strength to rise when you fall which might likely happen along the way. It takes strength to relearn after a failure. It takes time to rebuild after a break down. It takes strength to forgive after an abuse.

Beyond what people say to you, it takes strength to continue a desolate journey.

At the end of the day, your strength from within is what needs to be activated.

You are your own motivation!

How do you stay motivated and drive yourself to action? I’ll like to hear from you in the comments.


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