How to Respect Others

I’ve met people who talk about respect according to their own understanding, I’ve also seen people react in one way or the other because someone does not respect them. Our society has taught us so much about respect: in speech, in greeting, in serving food and so on. … More How to Respect Others

It Takes Strength to Build

An inner drive is powerful. It’s from within. Nothing spurs you to action other than yourself. At the same time, nothing can kill this drive except you. Remember you are the creator and can be the killer as well.

Lunching out is great. Breaking limits is awesome. But beyond words of affirmation, your inner self is of utmost importance. … More It Takes Strength to Build

How to Be God’s Friend

The first thing that you need to be working on is to get your heart in tune with God. You need to think like Him and you cannot do that except you both begin to rub minds together. You can’t be friends with someone who does not like the same thing as you do. In fact, before you can say this particular person is your friend, then there must be something that they do that got you attracted to them. … More How to Be God’s Friend

The Value of Time

Time is a currency. A free one at that, which is given to everyone in equal amount and, like currencies, must be spent. It is even more important than money. When time is approached the right way in a New Year, it can be used to free our minds from all the baggage of the previous years and help us have a fresh start. … More The Value of Time

Your time, Your life

Life is full of mysteries, humans are living with chunks of questions they can’t find answers to, puzzles that don’t seem solvable, and even a life that doesn’t look livable. Yet in a world of struggle and unending curiosity, you can thrive, you can cope, you can succeed, you can shine, you can be okay. Yes! If you realize and accept the fact that “your time is your life” … More Your time, Your life