It Takes Time to Build

Time, a commodity readily available but cannot be bought. We spend time but we cannot buy it.

Time is priceless and indispensable.

A tiny drop of water they say makes the mighty ocean. As true as that is, it doesn’t happen in a day or within the twinkling of an eye; it took a particular period of time.

You can’t drop tiny water and expect an ocean immediately; you give room for consistency and patience. And that requires something from you, which is time.

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The beginning of a thing does not necessarily matter. It does not determine how well success would be attained. Until you give it time to grow into what looks like what you wanted.

The processing of an idea, a dream, a vision and a destination requires time. A seed planted needs to become a tree but it will require time.

Your set plans, goals and aspiration will come to the limelight just as you have always wanted but you have a price to pay, which is time.

You have the aspiration of becoming a medical practitioner, for example. You start from crèche to primary to secondary and then to the College of Medicine, and continue with professional courses and exams. In the end, you become a medical practitioner but it was not immediately you conceive that desire that you found yourself practicing medicine. You paid a price of time.

Well, majority of us do not have the patience to give time and chance to the things we do. We want immediate results.

Seed and harvest times are quite different. Both are time but patience brings us to the second phase.

Your idea can become the next big thing to the world if you would give it time to grow. A step by step leading and believing is required to make it through.

We build from the foundation and not from the roof top. Be sure to build well but it takes time. Give it. Pay it now and play later.

Remember that you are more than what you think you are. It’s not pride it’s reality.

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Keep moving!

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