The Value of Time

Time: It can be stolen, lost, squandered, abused, devalued, depreciated, revalued, managed, used, converted and spent.

Time is so powerful that whatever you invest your time in, you become. Your life is how you use your time. The only thing that is common to everyone is time. What you are and what you become depends on how you use your time.

Everyone is given the exact same amount of time, irrespective of nationality, age, skin pigmentation, and height and otherwise. Time cannot be stopped because it has respect for no one. Rather, it can be controlled. Think about time a lot because it is life and a New Year is a great opportunity to refine one’s purpose. It is also an opportunity to redefine your life’s vision and to see if you’re still on your life’s course or if you need to adjust.

The New Year is an opportunity to re-establish worthwhile goals- this is because, at some point, some of our goals might not be worth pursuing anymore. Time is an opportunity to bury the past and move into a new future.

This means that time can either mean a blessing or a curse depending on how it is used. Let us be thankful to God for Time because it is a relief. It was given to us to measure the purpose of our lives. It equally gives us an avenue for comparison- comparing our life of the years before, with our present life.

Time separates our past from our present and our future and protects us from living in a permanent position. Don’t you sometimes wonder how time heals us from the pain of failure at some point?  Notice how time heals people from the pain of a broken heart. A person who you once thought occupied the very centre of your world and you thought it impossible to survive without, have you tried taking out time to think about how very insignificant they are to you now? That was time, it healed you. In other words, Time has succeeded in sorting it all out.

When time is approached the right way in a New Year, it can be used to free our minds from all the baggage of the previous years and help us have a fresh start.

Time is a currency. A free one at that, which is given to everyone in equal amount and, like currencies, must be spent.  It is even more important than money.

Now, I ask “what are you going to do with the next 11 months and few weeks?”

What will you look like by December 2019?

What will you have and not have by December 2019?

What will your circle look like by the end of the year?

What would you be synonymous with by the end of the year?

Friends, I would love for you to:

  1. Document your plans
  2. Prioritize these plans
  3. Pursue only the things you are passionate about
  4. Inventory your associations
  5. Review your investments
  6. Never try to please everyone
  7. Forget the past and design the future
  8. Never miss the place of God. I cannot begin to emphasize how important His place is in our lives. Friends, he has our blueprint because he is our manufacturer and naturally. Only the manufacturer has the manual of his products/creations.

I hope this helps you to maximize your time well this year. Cheers to being more productive!

How do you intend to manage your time this year? Feel free to share in the comments below. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to this blog to not miss a post.


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