Keep Moving

Everyone is excited about the new year. A lot of plans on ground whether yearly, quarterly or monthly. Everyone hope to do things better and get better at what they do.

It’s good to have a positive mindset and plan to be the best but something important needs to be done which is moving from where you used to be to the next level. Can you try something different? Can you do something better than you used to?

Movement as one of the characteristics of living things must be practised by all human. Moving on is beyond moving from one place to another physically, it is getting on a new level in every area daily.

A notable thing to do while moving on is to leave the past behind. Dwelling on the past would definitely draw back and not give an opportunity to move forward.

A lot of people think it is possible to learn something from what has happened in the past to do things better.

Yes, it’s good to learn your lesson but do not dwell on past failures in the name of brooding and refuse to get better.

Like my pastor will say ‘leave the past behind, move forward, get better and celebrate little success’. When you are a step ahead, applaud yourself. Let go of past failures, see it as an opportunity to do things better.

Time is an essential factor in life that should not be taken for granted and should not be wasted. Time waits for no one irrespective of who you are or your status. As long as time keeps moving then you should keep moving too.

{Read The Value of Time}

Daily reflect realistically. Practice mindfulness. Do you get better daily? Be conscious of your progress.

Believe in yourself. It is the way you see yourself that others will see you. Do not let anyone talk you down.

Trust God for grace to keep moving even when strength seems to fail. The truth is, a time will come when weariness will set in probably due to frustration or failure but God offers a strength that keeps one on the move.

There would be times when things won’t happen as planned, the wisest thing to do at a time like that is to keep developing yourself. The self development would be needed sometime later.

Don’t be idle. Keep moving!

I hope you got something from this. I’ll like to hear from you in the comments.

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