How to Properly Manage Your Time to Ensure Productivity

As a teenager, so many things yearn for your attention: family, friends, social media, school work, hobbies, etc. And in all these, if one’s time is not properly managed, there would be a whole lot of lagging behind in important tasks. … More How to Properly Manage Your Time to Ensure Productivity

Motivating Yourself For More

Motivation is a force. A force that births motion. A motion that produces desired results. This is why when we are not motivated, reluctance and weariness sets in.
Anyone or anything can motivate you but if nobody or nothing motivates you, hey, motivate yourself. … More Motivating Yourself For More

The Value of Time

Time is a currency. A free one at that, which is given to everyone in equal amount and, like currencies, must be spent. It is even more important than money. When time is approached the right way in a New Year, it can be used to free our minds from all the baggage of the previous years and help us have a fresh start. … More The Value of Time

How to Handle Procrastination

Why not do the assignment today and stop putting off what is important for less important things? Why don’t you set your priorities right? So many of us enjoy putting things off until it gets up to our neck and then we start running helter-skelter. But the bitter thing about that is that the time we avoid doing the important things on our schedule is usually wasted doing nonproductive things. … More How to Handle Procrastination