Motivating Yourself For More

In a new year like this where tons of resolutions are made and lots of deadlines are fixed to achieve certain goals, vibes may be lost amidst the whole thing. And when vibes are lost, everything looks screwed and impossible. Apparently, what you need to push through with your resolutions and goal deadlines is motivation!

Motivation is a force. A force that births motion. A motion that produces desired results. This is why when we are not motivated, reluctance and weariness sets in.

Anyone or anything can motivate you but if nobody or nothing motivates you, hey, motivate yourself.

If you are passionate about your dreams and goals this new year, you won’t wait for someone or something to give you motivation before you start working. If you’re waiting for the right moment, I’m scared you’ll wait for life, eventually with no results.

Achievers don’t wait for the right happenings, they right the happenings by a kind of motivation that stems from within.

To get the best out of the year, you need to learn what I call self-strength. You have to strengthen yourself no matter the odds against you. More importantly, you have to motivate yourself more than anybody or anything would.

I’ll go practical…

How Can You Motivate Yourself?

Here are the top 3 ways to do that:

1. Believe in yourself

You can’t motivate yourself if you don’t believe in yourself. The trust has to be there. You must be completely resolute about how far you’ll go and one fact is “nobody believes in you if you don’t believe in yourself”.

2. Believe in your dreams

Ever had dreams that made you feel on top of the world? Your dreams are your best source of motivation. They are your best inspiration and hopes. Imagine having goals to merit a scholarship to a world-class English university, man! This is a super thriller. Think about the opportunities, the connections, the fun, the adventure. Motivation would sure come.

3. Encourage yourself

You can lose vibes, it happens. Everyone does, at a point. Be a bundle of encouragements to yourself. Stir up yourself and say bold words to yourself. Think about how you have motivated yourself to achieve your goals in the past and assure yourself that you’ll do it again this time. Trust me, you’ll be motivated.

Don’t be a chance taker this year. Be a risk taker. Don’t be spoonfed like a baby, run like a mighty man and stand on the heights.

Motivation is inside you!

Happy new year! See you at the top.

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