Six Proven Ways to Be Productive Everyday

2021 is here and we are already on the 14th day. Whoops! How time flies.

I am sure that at the beginning of the year, you set some goals to be achieved, and you are already working towards them. Sweet!

However, one important thing about yearly goal setting is that, it is the cumulative effort you make every day, every week, and every month, that adds up to determine whether you would achieve your set goals for the year. Read that again.

The following are Six proven ways to get productive in your everyday life, to have a fulfilling year by December 2021. Let’s go…!

1. Always plan your week ahead

This is one sure proven way to get the best out of every week and subsequently every day. You need to outline the things you want to do, in a particular week, as it relates to your overall goals for the year.

This helps you to have a direction for your everyday task, since you already have a target of what you intend to achieve in that week.

It is best to put these tasks in writing. This helps it stay in front of you. You can tick off every activity you accomplish, and be motivated to accomplish the rest.

2. Start in the right tone (Prayers, Bible study)

As a Christian teen, the most important part of your day is your Prayer and Bible Study time, when you fellowship with your Heavenly Father. It is advised that this is done, first thing in the morning, so as to get your heart in the right state, and to even get divine instructions on how to navigate the day.

Starting your day with your morning rituals, prayer, and Bible study in this case gives you clarity for the day ahead.

3. Don’t procrastinate tasks

Procrastination is a thief of time! To get the best out of your day, you must be intentional about the tasks you already set for the week and day respectively.

Any task you can accomplish now should not be delayed till later.

It is also crucial to categorize each task based on the level of importance and urgency. This helps you to do the right task at the right time, beating deadlines and giving every activity your best shot.

4. Take naps

Napping is a power booster! After working for some hours in a day, taking a midday rest is important for you to regain fresh energy for other tasks undone.

It has been proven that taking a nap during the day makes you alert and refreshed for other activities, eliminates burn out, and boosts overall wellbeing.

{Read: Why You Should Always Take Naps}

5. Wake up early

Waking up early is another proven way to be very productive.

While waking up early helps you start your tasks on time, leaving enough time for a midday nap and more time to work later. Waking up late makes you feel like all the time is gone, which may hinder productivity.

But remember, early to bed, early to rise!

6. Celebrate each small task you accomplish

As important as it is that you want to achieve all your set goals for the week and assigned tasks for each day, it is also important that you celebrate every small win along the way.

Never take any of your accomplishment for granted. Celebrate it and get motivated to move a bead with others plans.

Getting the best out of 2021 depends on how you spend each day, week and month in the year. Your daily activities is the determinant of your overall goal fulfilment for the year.

Be intentional about each day!

How do you intend to make your year great for you? Feel free to share some of your tips in the comments and if you found this post helpful, you can share with friends.


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