Beyond Goal Setting; Apply Effective Strategies

Goals are needed to express what you want to be. But goal setting alone will not give you the results you want to achieve. Giving yourself to a process will make you become your vision.

Everyone is a product of their decisions. Our choices which culminate in the steps we take makes us who we are. What transforms the raw material into a product is the process. For example, information is processed data.

The major difference between you and another person is a function of the training you have given yourself to.

The series of training that will produce a medical doctor is different from that which will produce a lawyer. The process of becoming what you want to be is not an easy task. It requires being intentional.

As you evolve into who you are being trained for, you may experience hindrances ranging from lack of support to lack of resources. There will also be people who may want to spite you and frustrate you because you do not look like “it” yet.

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All you have to do is to keep your focus on your journey. Your process is peculiar to you.

As you go through your process, effective strategies are needed for the accomplishment of the goals. The following are worthy of note:

1. Acknowledge that transition takes time

Nothing happens by chance. Everything takes time. Even to prepare the simplest food will take time. Time itself will not change anything; it will only reveal the results of how we have invested time by what we have done.

Determination must be made not to leave your life to fate.

The quality of the life you live will be determined by your actions and inactions over time. Rather than just waiting through the passage of time, utilizing it for personal development will yield fruitful returns.

2. Keep the future in mind

It is expedient to know what is driving you and what you are driving at. There are many people doing the same thing you do. But it may be for different reasons. Be sure of why you are doing what you are doing.

If you do not have a cogent reason for what you do, you will not have the push to continue when discouragement comes.

Let the picture of the future you desire motivate you. Do not let go of the future you have envisioned for yourself. One action at a time, you are building the future “You”.

3. Always validate yourself

Appreciate yourself at every opportunity. Do not wait until someone tells you what you are doing is awesome before you know for yourself.

People will always have their opinions. What is more important is what you are saying concerning yourself. There are times you have to go down the memory lane and see how far you have grown. If you keep learning, you will not be the same person you used to be.

Celebrate your wins, learn from your mistakes and gear forward.

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4. Build and prioritize healthy relationships

Genuine friends will commend you for your achievement and call you to order when you have drifted off the path.

But if what all people around you do is to praise you when it is obvious you are not on track, they are flatterers. And if all the energy they emit is negativity and they never see the evident good in what you do, they are toxic people.

It is important to have people who will applaud you as you progress and make constructive criticism of your improper decisions.

You are made for greatness. Keep your hope alive. Embrace your process.

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What are the strategies you apply to ensure you improve your goal setting?


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