A-ha! After Your Light-bulb Moment

It’s a day after your aha-moment and your brilliant idea is starting to feel not so brilliant. Days turn into weeks, weeks into months and you’re starting to think it was fool’s gold all along. Are you right about the situation or has your perception become faulty with time?

When you have a brilliant idea and you leave it to keep running through your mind without taking any action, you become weary. The question now is, what should you do after you get an idea? … More A-ha! After Your Light-bulb Moment


Beyond Goal Setting; Apply Effective Strategies

The process of becoming what you want to be is not an easy task. It requires being intentional. As you evolve into who you are being trained for, you may experience hindrances ranging from lack of support to lack of resources. There will also be people who may want to spite you and frustrate you because you do not look like “it” yet. … More Beyond Goal Setting; Apply Effective Strategies