Failure is Not an Option| by Olowu Festus

I’ve had so many ups and downs in life but none as challenging as my Academic life. I was quite brilliant in Primary School; I was in fact one of the top 10 brilliant students in pry 4 and the Health Prefect. Everything was going on smoothly till an uncle advised my parents to give me the opportunity to sit for the common entrance examination in Primary 4 instead of waiting another year for pry 5 before moving to the next phase of life.

I was glad, basically because the head boy was going to be writing the same exam. So, to me it was yet another competition. But little did I know that the exam wasn’t only for students in my school!

Always remember this in life; you aren’t the BEST until you beat the REST (esp. the best).

Also, please don’t blame your parents for whatever decision they make over your life that looked like a mistake! Believe it or not, it’s a plan orchestrated by God to give you a definition in life. His ways are not our ways, neither are His thoughts our thoughts. Everything will eventually work together for good for you.

Back to my story. Getting admitted into a secondary school was cool because I was already a class ahead of my mates. But while men slept, the enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way (Matt. 13:26).

One very important thing I’ve learnt in life is friendship. Not everyone is meant to be your friend and not every friend is meant to be close. I made a wrong choice of friends and it led me to the pit academically.

JSS 1- SSS1 was terrible and horrible. I was a pathetic failure. I failed to the point that I discovered that my worst subjects (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Further maths) were situated in between my report sheet. Guess what?! I had “F” in them all. It was a tragedy for a son or child whose father was a lecturer) and mother teaches Mathematics.

I do tell people that my children will read ehn! Oh no! They will be living dictionaries. So, in SSS 1 third term, I was advised to REPEAT! I wondered why they even advised me, repeat is repeat! Out of pity and concern of shame and feeling left out, my parents took me to a public school (what I considered the greatest mistake they made then). What?! From a private school to a public one, where my mom taught at the time, all in the name of monitoring! Who does that? My parents!

So, I decided to be a good boy and obey, knowing fully well within me that she couldn’t monitor me. A relationship saga happened along the line, I’ll discuss this when I’m led to write about my relationship life as a teenager.

In SSS2 & 3, I was a local champ but my WASSCE proved I was a complete failure. Note that I used “WAS”. If you currently feel you’re a failure, don’t worry! Just calm down and follow me through my Journey. That same failure then, by GRACE and MERCY, is privileged to have now become one of the most intelligent being in Psychological related issues (Relationship, academics, spiritual, purpose, etc.).

Let’s move on. My failure was a grade one failure because I failed the same subjects both in WAEC & NECO with almost the same grades, not forgetting that Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Further-maths (advance maths) are usually what? F9! I don’t struggle.
When my father found out about both results, he was pissed then. I remember he told my mom, “tell your son, if he’s ready to go back to SSS 1, I’m ready to sponsor him”.


What?!!! Where do I start from? He does not care. My mom and her friend begged him till he made it SSS 2. Imagine! SSS 1 & SSS 2, what difference? So, another chapter started in my life. To cut the long story short, I had to be in class with students I used to be 3-4 years beyond.

Some even said it to my face. One told me he would gain admission into the University before me (he did though). You can imagine the psychological trauma, depression and distress I went through. But this is it, all these were training grounds to become the man God has created me to be.

In life, the right association will take you far in Destiny. So, I had a friend who taught me determination. Guys are great as friends though, but for me, intelligent ladies work better. You can call me a Sapiosexual dude.

I remember failing math’s mock exam after making a promise to her never to fail again. Now this is one thing about me, I’d rather not make a promise than to break it. I cried that night being a boarding student. Oh no, I cried! The head boy in my set then came to
meet me and we spoke about life. I got encouraged, determined and much focused. I tell you, those two people can’t leave the History of my life. Finally, the same “Failure” became a “Success”, the “F9” candidate came out with a “B2” in the same mathematics and excellently in other subjects. Then I discovered that there was nothing wrong with my brain. It was like a dream come true. Ever since then, I kicked the mentality of Failure out of the equation.

Remember I said earlier on that some mistakes made by our parents end up being ways God moves and displays his majesty.

That mistake made me forfeit admission at the right time planned by man only to come across this Amazing lady of virtue, the brain behind Teens Meet Online. She was my coach, she drilled me a lot. I knew it was tough then but it paid off later on. I told her
then that I wanted to be a doctor in order to save lives, but today the vision looks a bit different. Rather than saving just lives, I’m saving destinies. I administer drugs that give hope to a dying destiny, restore relationships, academics, purpose and even Visions.

So here is my question to you, “Is failure an option?”

Certainly not! The afflictions, pains, trials, temptations, trauma, distress, depression & oppression you go through are nothing compared to the glory ahead. Don’t give in to failure, you may fail, faint, fall, fault or even falter but remember, you’re not a failure!

Look at yourself in the mirror, see within and profess (assert, affirm) these words on a daily basis:

I am the solution my state is waiting for! I am the solution my country is waiting for! I am the solution my continent is waiting for! I am the solution the world is waiting for! I am the solution my Generation is waiting for! I am the solution generations to come will read about!

Believe me, generations to come will read Revolution (a book project I’m currently working on) and remember my name. Don’t give up! Don’t quit!

Someone is going through a worst situation than you are now. You can’t give up now, keep moving.

Martin Luther king (Jnr) said, “No matter what you’re going through in life, if you can’t fly, Jump! If you can’t jump, run! If you can’t run, walk! If you can’t walk, crawl! Just make sure you’re moving!

You need help? Please, get one, make contacts today. There are several counselors, coaches, mentors out there willing to help. Meet or get in touch with one today. You’ll need one for a complete Revolution.

I hope I’ve been able stir up someone’s spirit with this story. Please do drop your comments. If you need a mentor, feel free to get across to the Mentorship team of Teens Meet Online and they’ll put you through or direct you to a mentor in your niche.

Stay focused!
Stay Transformed!

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