Life May Overwhelm You, But Take it One Step at a Time

You are scared of the future, the thin line between failure and success, the belief that you might fail in life. You wish you can transit into the future or know what the future holds for you.

‘Life at adulthood is hard’, so you heard. The journey into adulthood is filled with hurdles, you find it hard to differentiate if you’re growing or you are actually acting like an average teen without a dream.

You realized what your coach said about teenhood, that you can achieve your dreams at 18years, that you don’t need to live on your parents’ dream to be happy. You are ready to work towards becoming better in life.

‘Dating at teenagehood doesn’t help’ you heard this in your teen church, your friends are in a relationship, some with their mates, others with those older than them. You wish you can be like them, but you are scared. Perhaps you should think of going into one, you concluded.

Your cousin is an undergraduate at age 15, you are still battling with JAMB and Pre-degree program at age 18. ‘Tee is the brand ambassador to Yellow Nigeria’ you heard, you wish you can be like her. She is just a month older than you are.

You have heard of teenagers who have a personal relationship with God, they are vibrant and doing great things too. You decide to be consistent with God, sin seemed to be a friend rather than an enemy.

You have to choose either to work or further more, considering the financials of your parent, you are advised to work after the completion of your National Diploma instead of going to school.

You are done with NYSC, your vision is blurry and dark. You attended seminars, job interviews. You have tried fighting the unemployment battles most graduates face, yet you are not happy.


The list goes on and on, life is different forms and phases. Your achievement is someone else’s dream, you should never settle for less yet you should learn to take your time.

This is my message to you, the year is running to an end, you are likely behind schedule. Don’t give up on your dreams, and don’t throw all matches into the fire. It is one step at a time.

Take your time to relax, take a walk with a note pad, with earpiece in both eyes listening to a soul music. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What were my dreams at the beginning of the year?
  • How do I intend fulfilling them?
  • What steps have I taken so far?

If you have answered them, then tell yourself. ‘I will be great, it doesn’t matter how long it takes. I will take my time. I will not fail’.

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