Notes On Failure- 1

I had an admission offer from a school in the US just as planned the year I rounded off my NYSC. I even got a 50% tuition scholarship. But how do I even raise the remaining 50%? Months after, I got into another school (top 100 worldwide) and it still did not work out. The scholarship body pulled out just after I got the admission (this is asides three other applications that didn’t work out). I decided to take a break for a year before trying again, yet!!! (sigh) … More Notes On Failure- 1

8 Tips for Academic Excellence

Knowledge is power and it transforms only if you allow it. Let us proceed on this journey to attain academic excellence by doing all those things that matter. Knowing what works for you simplifies your life and work and also makes it all fun. Most of all, believe that you are a success and you will be! … More 8 Tips for Academic Excellence

Making the Best of Your College Years

Engage your mental faculty. Think. Brainstorm about ideas. Don’t limit your reading to academic books alone. Read self-development books. Read leadership books. Study and research the people you want to be like. Find out what makes them successful. Develop your own life philosophies.

Spiritual and Mental Development are keys to a successful life in the real world but you have to take the time to develop in these areas … More Making the Best of Your College Years

So, Why Don’t You Want to Go to College?

Life in College is a simulation of the real-life experience. It is like you are test running how you are going to live your life. Your chances of better living could be increased if you are able to achieve the true aim of going to college. It is up to you to go to college and make the best decision of life by going with a mission of not only academic excellence but personal development! Let college prepare you for successful living! … More So, Why Don’t You Want to Go to College?

Tips to Transform Failing Grades into Academic Success

The real measure of academic success is actually learning and being able to apply what you’ve learned in the real world. We, however, still have to be excellent in school for many reasons. So, while trying not to be disappointed in yourself, calmly think of active ways you can get back on track in the class. … More Tips to Transform Failing Grades into Academic Success