Back to School? Let’s Talk

You know what is most exciting about going back to school for most of us, especially in this yuletide season? It’s the newness feeling that comes with it. The new school bags, new uniforms, the new gist and maybe some new gossips too. Lol. And yeah, all that is granted. But what is usually not exciting is what brought us together in the first place- Academics, at least for most of us.

It is the proven innate nature of man to always seek for what is pleasing and satisfying in the midst of what is not, at least to last the while. Explains why most of us get comfortable in being muddled in everything else in school asides books! But at this point and with the intensity of things, it will be necessary that we examine some truths.

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What does a new semester, term or session signifies as it applies to different individuals and why does it even exist? Have you ever considered this, Why it is that the schooling system is divided into periodic syllabus? On a general view, it exists to give students, teachers and every other governing body, time to recess from academic work. But within this exists a deeper meaning that many have refused to acknowledge.

The breaks between the academic syllabus are not there for us only to rest but also to revamp. Consider the classroom as a football field and the students as the players. They get to play for a period of 45 minutes, which is followed by a 15 minutes recess time, before the last 45 minutes that determines who gets the victory.

We would be right to say that holidays in school is synonymous to the 15 minutes recess time that footballers get during a match and the 45 minutes of the second half of the match is like the “Back To School” period. But what do the players do within this break? Of course, their body is physically resting from the hustle-bustle of the football field but they are mentally engaged, not in fear or past failure -for those who certainly wants to win- but in a critical thought of how they can do better in the next 45 minutes.

So, dear readers, I hope you get it now. Our new start is to our advantage and not otherwise if we are willing to harness it, and this applies to both students, teachers and other administrators.

It’s Back To School, not back to the past. It’s Back To School, not back to negative company, it’s Back To School, definitely back to better learning.

Take it upon yourself to make a list of things you didn’t too well in in the last school time, things you want to do better at, and things you aspire to do. Seek healthy advice and be true in your seeking. A platform as TMO, is always at your beckon. And yes, be willing to do the things that can make this term, semester or session better, back to back!

Lots of Love,

What do you hope to do better in this new term, semester or session? Feel free to share with me in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “Back to School? Let’s Talk

  1. Though I am currently midst my term the article was very relatable! On my blog I published a piece called searching for confidence:) that talks about the beginning of a new year and you having a read would be totally amazing! All the best


  2. Our cousin is a musician and he was looking to increase his status of work ability. This past year he took a class per subject coordinating with his work. E had nerves and sweat about doing it but excited. He is in his mid years about 50. Going to school again is an improvement in life. I’m considering it.


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