The Beauty of Goal-Setting

I think the beauty of January is that it comes with a lot in mind. As individuals, we all want to improve in one area of our life to the next; that brings an already exciting feeling of achievement of wanting to do and be better.

According to google search, a Goal is “the object of a person’s ambition or an effort, an aim or desired result”. I particularly like ‘a goal is an effort also, a goal is equivalent to aiming for something’. It can be seen clearly that a goal must have the element of a person, an effort and an aim.

A goal keeps you going, keeps you trying even when you do not feel like it. Having a goal in mind makes you want to stay on track, it gives you a reason to leave where you are to pursue the things that you strive to become.

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One thing I realized recently is that the new year doesn’t come with you simply pretending that the old you do not exist. It is merely a continuity of yourself with simply a changed in date and you choosing to become more than you were days ago. You are still the same person, nothing is changed physically but your perspective could change- not necessarily everything but an upgraded version of who you were and that is enough to get you started.

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Having your goals set does not mean that you would have all of the answers. Goals for me is the consistent, persistent and continuous effort you put in the goal that you have set for yourself in the entire year. What works for me is the ability to break down my goals into daily goals and that works clearly.

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Here are some reasons why:

1. It Keeps You on Track

I read somewhere that what you write down is the things that you can remember, hence, have you daily goals stack up somewhere you can see. If you can get a sticky note, itemize all you want to achieve for the day and paste it where you can see it and don’t forget to attach a time to it. In doing things, it helps, it helps you to stay on track, avoid unnecessary small talks and it certainly leaves you organized and so filled with purpose.

2. It Reduces Your Anxiety Level

The worst thing that could happen to a man is living a life that is filled with no purpose. Everyone wants to leave prints in hearts in one way or the other, everyone wants to do more, be more and always look for things that will push them to the next level but somehow fail to do this because all they do are just merely talks and nothing more.

When you manage to accomplish your daily goals, there is the feeling of having a wrong done and it pushes you to want to become a better and makes you see life a little bit more differently.

As a teenager, your life should be far more than just going to school, getting your assignment done and returning back to the same circle all over again. You should understand that there is so much to life than just wallowing in routine. You have to push yourself, stretch your potentials and you are not too young to leave your dreams.

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3. It Provides you with Opportunities

When you set goals and you achieve them, no matter how small that goal is, it opens you up to bigger goals and in turn forces you to see more opportunities in places that people do not see anything.

One thing you should learn is that success does not come with age but has always been one truth about success. It comes with consistency, persistence, falling and rising, seeing failure as a reason to push harder, picturing yourself in bigger pictures and working tirelessly to ac

You are not too young; in fact, you are at the place where it is perfect to start something. Reduce the number of hours you watch T.V and channel that period for things that are positive, things that will educate you, things that will only contribute to your knowledge, things that will move you forward.

There is so much opportunity right where you are and until you are willingly to become so much more, you will never see it.

I encourage you to break free from routine. I encourage you to start right where you are. Please, you are not too young and I wish I could continue to repeat this as long as it sinks it down your soul. Some of the things I know now, I wish I knew them a little bit earlier but right now I know, and I am making that change to better my life daily.

Your goal is just like a Ball until you make an effort to kick it, it will continue to stare right into you. You need to make a little push. Start to see yourself in bigger pictures because you are certainly part of something that is way bigger than you!

Did you get something from this? How do you manage your goals? I’ll like to hear from you in the comments below.

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