BREATHE; Don’t Choke Yourself!

Many times, I have heard friends/people say words like: ‘by 20, I must have bought a car, or, by 16, I must have had a business line to my name, and more.

Well, I can’t say I don’t set ‘goals’ for myself as it’s quite essential to do so (it keeps you in check). But, most times, I ask myself: do I really need to rush it? Why do I really want to do it now? Is it the right time? Am I not doing this just to prove a point?

I saw a tweet recently

The word breathe here means to ease the pressure/to calm down. Well, I agree with his words, as the way we go about goal setting is quite alarming.

Yes, doing things at a young age is beautiful. Having a business to your own name at 18 is cool. Having your first degree at 20 is amazing. Being a millionaire at 30 is great. Achieving things early in life ‘makes sense’ (like a friend of mine would say). But, my friend, BREATHE!

Having that business venture when you’re 20/30 is cool too; bagging your first degree at 26 is alright; being able to meet your needs as opposed to being the next Bills Gate at 30 is great too. Don’t choke yourself; it’s unhealthy to run ahead of yourself, take it easy!

Yes, there are folks even younger than you, or as old as you are, who seem to have ‘achieved’ more than you have, and you feel the urge to meet up with the status quo. But, the truth is that:

You need not pattern your life to fit that of others. Run at your own pace, so as to reach the destination at ‘your own time’.

Don’t despise waiting, you can take it as your preparation time. A man once said that: ‘Preparation time, and taking time to lay a solid foundation aren’t wasted times. Anything done in haste never lasts’. I agree with him. You see, when you rush so much, you’re on the verge of making exaggerations, and/or telling lies. You then start ‘living the lie/exaggeration you’ve created for yourself!

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It’s not out of place to achieve – at 25- what your friend achieved at 20. It’s not as though you’re not good enough. No! You just didn’t get it when he did. That’s all.

Another great contributing factor to haste is social media. You would see someone’s post –which may be a lie- and start feeling like you’ve not been doing enough all your life. The number of another’s followers may even thrill you, forgetting that people buy followers to also keep up with the lie!

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Well, it surely would be insincerity to say there’s no inspiration/motivation on this same street of this same media. But, again I say: breathe!

Because someone has done what you’re planning to do, doesn’t mean you still won’t do it at your ‘own time’. It doesn’t mean you won’t have your own subscribers. It just means you would have your own people, at your own time.

The one whom you graduated from secondary school together is now using a new car! Great! But you don’t have one yet – that’s alright too. it’s pointless to go all out trying to get a loan to meet up with the status quo. Enjoy your peace. yes, save for it -if you can- but simply be content with what you do have. This brings peaceful and joyful living.

If you rush in – you may most likely rush out! There are ideas you do have now which are not for months not years to come. Only if you would ease up, you would see!

So, learn to hold on. Be steady. Be patient. In waiting, you get to learn more and discern what to drop, and what to keep running with. Waiting clears your mind: it helps you see clearly.

Be inspired with people’s content and/or what they have achieved. But, let it only be an inspiration and not an alteration to your own pace. Let it be not a distraction to your own pace.

Allow it to make you think wider but not to make you bother, that you would cross the ‘border’ when you’re not yet meant to.

Before you run – stop, and breathe

I hope after reading this, you remember to stop, breathe and smell the roses.


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