How to Succeed On the Move

It is the start of a new phase, a new chapter, in your life history and you are on the move. Your status is changing – you are changing your location. Great things are ahead and it is time to go get them!

Awesome experiences and life-changing encounters await us. But it is important that we set a few things straight before we proceed on this journey of change. These things would help us to start on the right foot, keep us checked in the journey and also help us reach our intended destination. With the letters of the phrase “ON THE MOVE”, I will be pointing out these things.

This intended change and journey we are about to begin or may have started require that you take care of two crucial things before you start out. These two things are your ORIENTATION and NAVIGATION.

Your orientation is your position relative to where you are going. You have to identify what your current status that is, know where you stand relative to where you are going. If you are a student, you need to know what your current academic state is so you can determine where you are headed to and if you don’t like it, you choose a direction leading to where to you want to be.

Knowing your orientation helps you to know the direction you should be heading towards.

Your navigation is your plan on how you intend to get there. Once you know where you are on the map, you need to find the best route to reach your destination. Remember it takes a process with a concrete plan to achieve the desired result.

If you desire ‘A’s in your academics, you need to work for it and that requires not just any work but a carefully planned work. Also, that boost in your career path requires a concrete work plan to achieve it. So, get a concrete plan for your journey before you start. And if you have started, take time out to do so. You need it.

The journey to your intended destination is a process. You have to TRAVEL from a start point from to an endpoint. You won’t have to leave anywhere or change anything if you don’t start. So, start. Start working on those plans to achieve your aim. Keep a discipline to attend to your resolutions daily. Take that a step forward because it will forever be true that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.

As you keep moving along the way, although you don’t know what to expect, you will have to keep to still keep moving. Why? Because you have HOPE. You are not just going for the sake of it but you believe and you are sure you will reach your destination. Stay positive because that’s the energy that will get you to your destination. Your hope is not just hoping, it’s faith in a greater being that you will get you to your destination. Without it, you just keep pushing and pushing unsure what the future holds.

But it doesn’t stop there. You will have to EVALUATE yourself every step along way the way. Check yourself to know if you are on track. If you are on track, keep going but if you are not, you have to retrace your steps and get back to moving on the right track. You might be able to do this every time but schedule times for it. Your energy and resources might just be a waste if you find out you end up in a place other than where you want to. To avoid that, evaluate yourself.

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As you move, you will reach MILESTONES and face OBSTACLES. It is inevitable. Milestones are your goals; what you plan to get done along the way. They are bus-stops that indicate that you are still on your way. These points will help channel your energy and help be sure you are being still track.

And also, obstacles are those trials and debacles you would encounter. Life never promised a smooth journey, so don’t expect one. You may miss your way sometimes but don’t stop.

Get back to your navigation, plan and find yourself and get back on track. Challenges are there to test your faith and strength you if handle them well.

The whole aim of the journey is becoming a better person than you were before. So, VANQUISH your fears and foes. Learn from your mistakes and take your victories where you get them.

Don’t let your successes keep you from moving to those heights you dreamed of. The ultimate goal of the journey is to be better, so don’t lose sight of it.

Finally, get the best of the journey by ENJOYING the process. Take time out as you move to savour every moment. Treat them like priceless jewel because you will might never have them again. What is the essence of travelling through a beautiful landscape and not see it? Enjoy every lesson as you learn them. If you don’t enjoy the journey, you will reach your destination but what dry and lifeless that would be. So, enjoy the journey!

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So, remember you are on the move because you have the right Orientation with a proper and solid Navigation plan and that you know it is a process you must Travel from the start point with the Hope of reaching the endpoint and yet Evaluating your progress along the way. And as you identify your Milestones and Obstacles, Vanquish your fears while still Enjoying the journey!

Let’s keep moving! The sky is our starting point.

I hope this encourages you never to relent.


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