Why Washing Your Hands is a Big Deal

Hand washing is not the ultimate defense or preventive measure to stop these invisible warriors from entering into our bodies and doing their sinister acts but it is one way (without unnecessary stress) you can reduce the risk of falling victim to their vicious deeds. … More Why Washing Your Hands is a Big Deal

A Guide to Simple Living

To determine what your needs are from your wants, a sense of purpose is needed. What your essence is and why you are living, which will help you define what you need and what you merely want. Then your energy will be focused on the important ones and your life becomes simple. … More A Guide to Simple Living

Take Charge of Your Life!

It can be beneficial to sit still at some point and allow things happen but it doesn’t always work. Will you live satisfied by life happening just enough for you to barely survive and not the way you want it? You might not and cannot control everything that happens but the little power of making the choice of what to do with what happens to you, what have you done with it? … More Take Charge of Your Life!